May mosaic. Wine tastings in restaurants in Moscow.

On the upcoming summer season, the New Wine Company conducted a series of Armenian wine tastings  in restaurants in Moscow. The head of the NWC project, the head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia demonstrated the gastronomy of Armenia’s wines and the potential for their combinations with a variety of dishes in clear and unusual examples.

The May series of wine tastings from the portfolio of the New Wine Company opened the master class of Arthur Sarkisyan in the creative burger Ketch Up on the Kuznetskiy Most. Participants of the tasting were offered 12 wines from the NWC range – vivid, understandable to the youth audience of the restaurant chain of wine from wineries Van Ardi, Hin Areni, Voskeni, Karas. Particular interest was the wine Kataro from the rare, typical of the Artsakh region, the variety of Khndoghni. The «classic» sparkling Keush became a «bonus» for the participants of the tasting.

The Ketch Up Burgers network includes 6 restaurants in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don. In the menu you can find positions such as VIP shaverma or Russian Burger with lamb.

No less interesting tasting was held in the cheese restaurant Chees Connection.

The restaurant specializes in cheese dishes made on its own cheese plant, the main of which is the soft burata. To various cheese dishes Arthur Sarkisyan offered Armenian wines created in European style – Karas from Michel Rolland and Hin Areni from Didier Cornillon. The highlight of the event was again the wine Kataro from Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as the highest-mountainous classical sparkling – Keush.

The purpose of the NWC program to promote Armenian wines in restaurants of different styles is to demonstrate the diversity and culinary potential of modern Armenian wines, the possibilities of which are far from being limited to Armenian national cuisine.




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