Maran Avagini Semi Dessert White

Price: 900 ₽

Blend: Khatun Kharji 100%

Mode of production: made according to the traditional technology of incomplete natural fermentation of wort with the subsequent addition of alcohol stopping the fermentation process. Since the sugar content in grapes does not exceed 16-18%, then this wine is semi-dessert. After fermentation is surely aged in oak barrels, due to which the wine becomes deeper and more saturated.

Tasting notes: wine is pale gold in color. In the rich, refreshing aroma of the wine, fruit (especially citrus) and floral shades harmoniously intertwine. The taste of the wine is soft, multifaceted, intense, with grape and fruit notes and a long sweet aftertaste.

Gastronomy: combines with cheese, desserts and fruits

Wine Serving Temperature: 12°-15°С

Color: White

Taste: Liqueur

Alc.: 16%

Bottle: 750ml

Brand: Maran Winery

Vintage: 2010

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