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Jragatspanyan Winery is a winery that fully reflects cherished traditions and modern approaches. Every drop of the wines of the Jragatspanyan winery is born as a result of a festive harvest, careful processing and harmonious maturation.

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Having moved from Western Armenia to the Bloor district of the historical capital of Armavir, famous for its ancient winemaking traditions, our ancestors planted vineyards, built underground cellars and produced their own wine, passing traditions from generation to generation. The process of making wine and combining it with food has always been an integral part of the daily life of the Jragatspanian family.

Based on the available prerequisites, the founder of our company, Artem Jragatspanyan, graduated from university, then a postgraduate course in winemaking, since 2008 conducted production and scientific experiments to unlock the potential of grape varieties in the region.

The companies are led by Artashes Jragatspanyan, who also received an education in the field of winemaking, took a number of courses and internships abroad.

In 2018, the Jragatspanian Vinery company was founded, based on traditions, significant production and scientific knowledge, experience and opportunities for various experiments in the field of grape cultivation in the region, with the aim of becoming an exemplary company producing high-quality wines that meet the highest international standards. Before establishing the best results, grape varieties in the region were studied for 15 years, and their processing processes were determined.

The Jragatspanyan winery produces white, pink, red grape wines and, being able to carry out all production processes, provides services for the processing and production of grape, fruit wines and fruit distillates.

The company has set a goal to develop the viticulture of the region and produce wines of exceptionally high quality, revealing the best processes of growing and processing terroir grapes.

For the production of our grape wines, we usually use grapes from the vineyards of the village of Bambakashat, Armavir region, where our winery is also located.

During this time, the experience of cooperation with winegrowers has been accumulated and a unique scheme has been developed and improved over the years. The cultivation of vineyards is controlled, the degree of maturity and the day of harvest are determined for each vineyard, the harvest is selectively carried out in boxes and immediately transferred to processing, the harvest is sorted again at the winery.

Part of the processed grapes from our vineyards (2 hectares), which we plan to expand using new approaches, exclusively with Armenian varieties, testing their wine-making potential.

As a result of modernization and construction, the winery has the ability to process 120 tons of grapes and 30-40 tons of fruits (cherry, pomegranate, quince, etc.) for wine production per year.

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