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The name of the winery is translated as «Old Areni». The vineyards of the project are located in this historical terroir of the village of Areni. Now the farm has about 32 ha of vineyards, located at altitudes of 1215-1250 m above the sea level. 17 ha of them are 10-years-old vines. Vineyards are located on a plateau around the village (terroirs Tap and Ishkatap).

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The soil is poor, stony, well drained, with high content of of limestone. During summer time it is quite hot here and drip irrigation systems are installed on young plantings. The main varieties on the vineyards are Areni Noir and Voskehat. The vines are planted with a density of 2200 vines per ha, on young planting densities are not higher than 3600 vines per ha. The vineyard uses modern methods of agricultural technology, limited use of pesticides, manual harvest in small plastic boxes.

Winery in Areni, founded in 1994, was completely reequipped in 2014 with French and Italian systems: processing of grapes — Bucher Vaslin, a modern line of cold bottling — GAI. The winery has modern cold systems, grapes are delivered for processing immediately after harvesting and sorted out on a vibrating table. Red wines are aged in barriques from Karabakh and French oak. The winery is able to process about 300 tons of grapes per season. Currently it produces about 150000 bottles of wine per year.

Contemporary changes of the project were carried out by Genik Karapetyan in 2013, who actively participates in its further development. The project director is Vardan Mkrtchyan. At the project update stage, the consultant was the Argentine architect and wine expert, Mario Japaz. Levon Sarkisyan is responsible for the vineyards. The winery is supervised by the young oenologist Anri Davtyan, the chief supervising oenologist is from Southern France — Didier Cornelion. Economic issues related to the development of the project and sales of wines are managed by Karen Sahakyan.

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