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The vineyard was planted about 18 years ago. One of the best terroirs of Vayots Dzor was chosen on Aghavnadzor plateau. Vines were planted at an altitude of 1375 m above the sea level with a density of planting 2,6 thousand vines per hectare.

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The quality of the grapes was provided by a green harvest and a yield limitation of no more than 75 centners per hectare, and for individual plots up to 20-25 centners. The main volume of wine from Maran Winery originated from this vineyard, founder bet on Areni Noir, rare red varieties Tozot and Avagi, and also the white Khatun Kharji. For certain part of the portfolio grapes of European varieties were purchased at a vineyard in Armavir region of Ararat plain.

The winery is located in Yerevan, in the building of an old winery, built in the 40-es of the last century. Grapes from other regions are transferred to the winery in wooden boxes of 12-15 kg. Processing is carried out on modern Italian equipment with temperature control. The cellars with stone arches go on the depth of about 10 m, built once by German prisoners of war. The dry wines of project are aged only in barrels from Karabakh oak.

The head of the Union of Armenian winemakers and the author of several books on viticulture Avag Harutyunyan heads the Winery Maran. The members of his family help him as well. Recently the son of Avag Frunz Harutyunyan, a young winemaker, a Heisenheim graduate, a teacher of the Yerevan Wine Academy (EVN), a deputy head of the Wine of Armenia Fund, have actively joined the development of the family wine project.

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