(РУС) Вино Tushpa (Тушпа)


Vineyards occupy 10 hectares in the Ararat Valley. Altitude 800 meters. Nowadays in the vineyard, only white Kangun and red Haghtanak are fruitful. The age of the vines is about 15 years.


The winery is located directly near the vineyard itself. There are two production buildings on the territory, one designed for the production of brandy, and the other for the production of wine. For the production of wine they are used Karasses (clay amphora), as well as oak barrels (Artsakh oak). But there you can also see steel temperature-controlled tanks and other new products of modern winemaking. A well dug right in the cellar copes with maintaining the optimal climate in the room.


Tushpa is a traditional Armenian winery that has long been owned by the family. The winery is named after the historic city of Tushpa, now known as Van, where the ancestors of the winery come from. The winery is located in the heart of the Ararat Valley, 35 km west of the center of Yerevan, at the foot of the biblical Mount Ararat.

The head of the family Mihran Manaseryan has been engaged in winemaking since 1983. He served as the head of one of the wineries of the ARARAT Trust. The wines of the Tushpa brand were very popular and famous in Armenia, as well as abroad. At the beginning of the 21st century, the Manaseryan family decided to pay more attention to the production of brandy and eventually completely went into the production of Armenian Cognac. After 15 years, Tushpa returned to the wine market and was able to adequately remind herself of her amazing wines. Now Mihran Manaseryan is being helped by his sons Abraham, Karlen and daughter Ani. The eldest Son is engaged in the production of white wine, Karlen is promoting and selling, and Ani is responsible for tourism in the company.

Tushpa White Dry

Alc. 13,5%, bottle: 750ml

Tushpa Red Dry

Alc. 12,5%, bottle: 750ml

Tushpa Reserve Red Dry

Alc. 12,8%, bottle: 750ml