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Strong alcohol of Russian production on our website is represented by impeccable samples of traditional vodka with a soft and pure taste. The recipe uses alcohol of the Alpha class and water from an artesian spring, which, in addition to natural purification, has been thoroughly filtered already during the production of the drink.


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One of the most popular alcoholic beverages based on alcohol obtained by distilling grain crops is, of course, vodka. The apparent simplicity of the recipe did not play in favor of the drink. Far from the best products made from low-quality raw materials poured into the market en masse. Our company offers Russian alcohol of classic and premium class, made using time-tested technology from artesian water and alcohol of the highest quality.

Due to the crystal purity of water and the quality of alcohol, the taste of vodka is harmonious, devoid of excessive sharpness, the drink does not have a deliberate artificial alcoholic aroma. To the attention of our customers there are premium class samples produced in small batches with a unique packaging design. «Amelia» offers the best Russian brands of alcohol.

For true connoisseurs of strong drinks, we offer Russian brands of alcohol made according to traditional and improved recipes. If you need the purest vodka without harmful impurities, choose and purchase alcoholic beverages through our website. We offer a premium product that has not only an impeccable composition and taste, but also an exclusive packaging decor. Such products can not only be treated, but also presented as a solid gift. And thanks to the unique food additive that is present in the formulation of soft vodka, not only its taste has improved.

Vitamin C and ginseng root extract included in the complex supplement minimize the harmful effects of alcohol on the body, eliminate headaches and so on. Products from the company "Amelia" are the best choice of quality and price.

By purchasing products from us, the customer receives guarantees of the highest quality for alcoholic beverages, as:

  • there are certificates of conformity for all the presented product samples;
  • we do not sell counterfeit goods and value our reputation;
  • our specialists are always ready to help with the choice of drinks and give detailed advice on the quality characteristics of products.

The largest restaurant chains and wine boutiques throughout Russia cooperate with us. We have a flexible pricing policy and there are no delays in processing or sending orders.

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Strong alcohol from Russia at a price from 2 150 rub.:

  • Vodka;
  • Popular Brand: Chkalovsk-Vancouver.

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*Alcoholic beverages presented on the website can be purchased only at a point of delivery or at a wine shop located in Moscow. Retail sales are carried out on the basis of licenses for retail sale of alcoholic beverages. We do not deliver alcoholic beverages. The prohibition on remote sale of alcoholic beverages is established by Federal Law No. 171-FZ dated November 22, 1995 and Russian Government Resolution No. 612 dated September 27, 2007.