Strong alcohol Mijnaberd

The name Mijnaberd is associated with a medieval fortress built in the 10th century under the Bagratuni dynasty and located in the village of Dashtadem, Talinsky district, Aragatsotn region of Armenia, at an altitude of 1450 meters above sea level. Translated from Armenian Mijnaberd - the middle castle or the citadel is a majestically preserved complex of semicircular towers and a church. The reason why they decided to name the company and their product “Citadel”, or “Mijnaberd” in Armenian, is the memory of the birthplace of the founders of the company where they were born and are familiar with children with the taste of local fruits, clean air and cold spring waters that flow down the mountain.


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The initiator of the idea is co-owners of the company Gagik Avetisyan and Gevorg Khachatryan, financiers and economists by education who have worked in the banking sector since the beginning of the 90s. Now Gagik Avetisyan has completely devoted himself to business, and Gevorg Khachatryan to this day works by profession in one of the prestigious commercial banks of Armenia, holding the position of Deputy Executive Director. Blend master Karen Aghajanyan from 1994 to the present worked for leading manufacturers of cognac and vodka products in Armenia.

The plant is located in Yerevan. Fruits are processed directly from the fields, bypassing any intermediate logistics links. All production cycles are carried out on the territory of the plant in the city of Yerevan. Fruits and berries are purchased in the regions of the Ararat valley - Armavir 800 - 1000 meters above sea level, and in the foothills of the Aragatsotn region 950-1500 meters above sea level, as well as in the Tavush region 800-1400 meters above sea level.

In the production of Mijnaberd distillates are used Charente type copper distillers.

MIJNABERD distillate production technology is based on multiple fractional distillation and represents the following stages:

  • harvesting fruits, processing them and making puree for subsequent fermentation;
  • as a result of fermentation, fruit puree turns into a product ready for distillation;
  • from braga, by repeated fractional distillation, a high-quality distillate (fruit alcohol) is obtained;
  • prepared water is added to the resulting product (fruit alcohol), then it is stored in tanks made of high-quality stainless steel for up to two months, as a result of which the alcohol “rests”;
  • then the finished product is bottled.

The above process is a brief and generalized description of the technology, which does not describe all the features and nuances of production that make up its know-how.

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Strong alcohol Mijnaberd at a price from 1 980 rub.:

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  • Country: Armenia.

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