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If you think it will be about cognac only, you are mistaken. Of course, Armenia, with its centuries-old tradition of winemaking, produces excellent cognac, known all over the world. Back in 1900, one of the oldest Armenian productions received official permission to name its author's alcoholic beverage with the word "cognac". And at that time, however, as now, it is an honorable privilege for a producer of solid alcohol located outside France.


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Armenian cognac, as well as armenian wines are made from several grape varieties that are grown specifically for cognac production. The range of cognacs consists of ordinary, vintage and collectible varieties. The latter is considered the most valuable, it is obtained by additional aging of vintage cognacs. Another interesting and native Armenian alcoholic beverage is "Artsakh" vodka, which is prepared using white mulberry berries. This alcoholic beverage is made in the same way as the classic berry brandy, but with the use of local technologies (due to some specificity of raw materials).

The history of mulberry vodka recipes has, without exaggeration, a thousand-year history. Modern distillation of the product takes place in copper cubes, which gives it a special flavor. Later, in addition to mulberries, other fruits or berries were used to make vodka: apricot, dogwood, plum, grapes. However, mulberry vodka is still the traditional and oldest drink in Armenia. The fortress of "Artsakh" can be from 40 to 75%.

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Strong alcohol of Armenia is a high culture of consumption, ancient traditions and recipes for the production of alcoholic beverages. To feel the multifaceted and rich aroma, the softness of the drink, its pleasant taste despite its considerable strength, purchase a unique mulberry vodka "Artsakh". It has noticeable woody notes, flavor undertones of mulberry berries and a whole palette of herbs. It is impossible, mentioning Armenia, not to mention the legendary Armenian cognac and even more so not to try this famous alcohol.

Its uniqueness is due to the use of selected endemic grape varieties in the recipe, spring water and aging in Caucasian oak barrels. Hence cognac has its own unique style - powerful, deep, with a delicate sweetness and characteristic velvety vanilla-chocolate notes in the taste. In Russia, the company "Amelia" is the exclusive representative of alcoholic beverages from Armenia. Therefore, it would be absolutely the right decision to buy Armenian alcohol from us, using the company's website, where you can study the product range, make a choice and place an order for alcoholic beverages.

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