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Winery Manuelina is located in the city of Santa Maria della Versa in the heart of the wine region of Oltrepo Pavese, Lombardy. The history of the winery dates back to the first half of the 20th century.

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When Luigi Achilli and his brother Guido decided to produce wine not only for their family and friends, but also for commercial purposes. The success was not long in coming, and many people from the city came to the winery on weekends to buy Akhilli wines, mainly in bulk.

Recently, the winery changed its name from Achilli Luigi to Azienda Agricola Manuelina, so as not to confuse it with other Achilli wineries present in the Santa Maria della Versa area. The winery decided to choose a simple name associated with the family (Manuela is one of Paolo's daughters). Currently, Manuelina Winery owns about 22 hectares of vineyards.

Manuelina winery is equipped with stainless steel tanks with temperature control, its own bottling line and pneumatic press. Hand-picked grapes immediately go to the winery, which is located next to the vineyard. There grapes pass both manual selection and mechanical, because of the vibrating table. Further, the grapes are pressed because of the pneumatic press in a gentle mode. In the vineyard, the use of chemical fertilizers is extremely small and insignificant. Mainly used organic fertilizer from last year's foliage and waste cake.

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