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Amelia Wine Company

The project with a special philosophy, with own view of the world of wine and its popularization. The company is built on the principle of a classic Negotsiant house. The basis of its strategy is long-term direct contracts with winemaking farms, allowing to ensure stable development of brands in the Russian market. Step by step. Year after year.

We strive to open prospective niches in the national wine market, introduce the consumer to new regions and new names. In each of these segments, we select the best assortment that fully fits  the world standards for the selection of quality wines.

Today such an approach is fully realized in the unique portfolio of Armenian wines collected by the «Amelia Wine Company». It includes authorial, boutique projects that produce only a few thousand bottles of wine a year and the leaders of the country’s new winemaking, whose range are able to satisfy the demands of retail chains.

By the same principle, a portfolio of the best Russian wines will be formed. In this niche there is still a lot of new, not known to the general public. Based on the expertise of the professional team of the «Amelia Wine Company», we will provide the consumer with opportunities for exciting discoveries.

The brand promotion program for the «Amelia Wine Company» portfolio includes a wide range of diverse activities. Tastings and gastronomic dinners, lectures on the history of winemaking and presentations of farms. All this allows us to introduce the widest audience with our wines and to promote the development of wine culture in general.

Our main partner in this great work is HoReCa’s best institutions all over the country. We cooperate with the largest restaurant chains and chains of wine boutiques. It is also important for us to develop partnerships with federal retail and the most promising regional trade markets.

The main thing for us is the impeccable reputation of the brand «Amelia Wine Company». Wherever you meet a wine with the logo «Amelia Wine Company» or “NWС” (the name of a company before rebranding), this name is a guarantee of quality of an unmistakable choice. He can always be trusted.