(РУС) Вино Fattoria di Calappiano (Фаттория ди Калаппиано)


Fattoria di Calappiano, in Vinci, the territory of Montalbano, represents the historical and architectural heritage of the de’Medici family in Florence. Built around 1500, commissioned by Grand Duke Francesco de’Medichi, it was one of the first examples of a Tuscan farmhouse that grew grapes. The farmhouse was later transferred to A.H. Savage Landor, the grandson of Walter Savage Landor, Shakespeare’s biographer. Inside the house, old paintings, antique finds and memorabilia about his many travels to the East are still preserved. Today the farm belongs to the Sensi family.


Calappiano House is located in the Montalbano wine region, between the provinces of Florence, Prato and Pistoia, in a continental climate moderated by the influence of the Mediterranean Sea. It was in these places that Leonardo da Vinci was born.

Currently, the farm covers an area of ​​about 200 hectares, including vineyards, forests, olive groves and is a natural habitat for the local wildlife, as well as a smithy of excellence in the production of unique, both traditional and innovative wines.