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«Amelia» offers true connoisseurs of the famous Italian alcohol from manufacturers with an excellent long-standing reputation. The collection includes grape vodka, gin and a wide variety of liqueurs of various strengths.


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For those who prefer strong Italian alcohol, there is the famous grape vodka grappa, made exclusively from natural raw materials without any dyes and flavors. The original alcoholic drink gin is present in the Italian collection; in fact, a tincture of herbs and fruits on alcohol with a strength of 40%. The ingredients of gin can be anise, coriander, licorice, fennel, but juniper berry is a mandatory component. Fans of sweet and strong alcohol are offered a wide selection of liqueurs.

Cream liqueur is a dessert alcoholic drink with a viscous consistency and sweet taste. The creamy structure is obtained thanks to natural thickeners (cream, sugar, honey or egg yolks). And they achieve a bright taste by adding fruit extracts, essential oils, spices and so on. Also, you will probably be interested in liqueurs based on strong alcohol (brandy, cognac, whiskey) with the addition of fillers that give the drink sweetness, aroma and flavor diversity. As additives, fragrant herbs, nuts, spices, spices, fruits, berries are possible.

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If you are an admirer of grape vodka, without any doubt buy the best samples of this product from us. To your attention, a transparent and pure, like a tear, grappa with a strength of 43%, with a pleasant intense fruity aftertaste. As well as 38-degree and at the same time well-aged soft grappa, which matured for a year in real oak barrels, gaining spicy notes and a golden-cinnamon shade.

Exclusive bittersweet taste and aroma of the forest will allow you to feel the real Italian gin. To experience the incomparable combination of sweetness and strength of the drink, buy dessert cream liqueurs with berry, fruit, caramel and nut flavors, the alcohol content of which can be 15-17-20%. And if you want a stronger one, take a 40-degree sambuca. Strong drinks with a refreshing effect are 28-30-degree liqueurs with fruit or spicy filling, enveloping with their unique aroma and taste of exotics.

High-grade alcohol from Italy in all its unique variety you can choose on the pages of the company's website "Amelia" and it will be the best choice.

By purchasing alcoholic beverages from us, you get an exclusively original product from well-known manufacturers in the world. We do not sell counterfeit goods and value our reputation, so the largest chains of restaurants and wine boutiques across the country cooperate with us.

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