Вино Геворкян Хор Вирап Полусладкое Красное

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Blend: Areni 100%

Mode of production: only whole, ripe, healthy bunches of grapes are used. After this, de-stemmed and crushed are carried out, fermentation takes place at 18°-22°C. When the sugar concentration reaches 20-30 g / l, fermentation is stopped by cooling to -4°C.

Tasting notes: rich cherry red color. In the aroma, pronounced shades of ripe berries: blueberries, black currants, prunes. The taste is pleasant, semisweet, but not cloying. The aftertaste is average with berry tones.

Gastronomy: red grilled meats, cheeses and salads.

Wine Serving Temperature: 12°-14°С.

Color: Red

Taste: Semi-sweet

Alc.: 12%

Bottle: 750ml

Brand: Gevorkian Winery

Vintage: 2016, 2018

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