Distillate Mijnaberd Dogwood in gift box

Price: 3 060 ₽

Raw Material: Dogwood 100%

Mode of production: only ripe fruits grown in the Aragatsotn region at an altitude of 800 - 1400 meters above sea level are used. Distillation uses an alambic and multiple distillation with separation of the heads, tails and heart. Water for mixing, softened, purified from the Aragatsotn region. After mixing with water, the distillate rests for several weeks.

Tasting notes: color is transparent. It has a balanced soft aroma of dogwood itself, as well as cornel seeds. On the palate, notes of cornel berries are felt, and in the aftertaste a fresh berry tone.

Gastronomy: aperitif, digestif.

Serving Temperature: 16°-18°С.

Alc.: 48%

Bottle: 500ml

Brand: Mijnaberd

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