Maran Winery Noravank Dry Red

Price: 850 ₽

Blend: Areni 90%, Tozot 10%

Mode of production: vinification in steel at a controlled temperature, aging in a barrel for at least 3 months.

Tasting notes: wine is dark ruby color. The aroma of wine is filled with delicate shades of ripe cherries and blackberry. The taste of wine is rich, velvety, with the tones of ripe cherries and blackberry, to which in due course notes of chocolate and vanilla are added.

Gastronomy: combines with a boar shish kebab, lamb dishes, mushrooms, spicy dishes, hard and seasoned cheeses.

Wine Serving Temperature: 15°-16°С.

Color: Red

Taste: Dry

Alc.: 14%

Bottle: 750ml

Brand: Maran Winery

Vintage: 2018

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