Wine Gevorkian 12% semi-sweet fruit 365 Pomegranate, 0.75 L, Armenia

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Though pomegranate has been known to mankind for thousands of years, its use in winery is very selective. The world knows only several sorts of pomegranate with succulence and sweetness stuffiest enough for winery. These unique sorts include the Armenian pomegranate as well.
The crystal-clear wine has transparent red and brown shades, a purple sparkle, a refreshing acidity, a gentle aroma, the flavor of pomegranate kernels, a pleasant acidity of the fruit skin and a long-lasting pomegranate aftertaste with pleasant and gentle tannins.

Residual sugar in wine: 30-80 g/l
Serving temperature: 16-18ºC

Taste: Fruit

Alc.: 12%

Bottle: 750ml

Brand: Gevorkian Winery

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