Presentation of wines in Sochi.

On May 23 in Sochi, a presentation and tasting of Armenian and Russian wines were held. The organizer and distributor of the event was the company «Julia and Co».

Guests had the opportunity to taste and get acquainted with Armenian wines from manufacturers Van Ardi, Zorah, Voskeni and Russian iconic wine Phantom. The discovery and novelty for all guests was the entire line of wines from the manufacturer Hin Areni.

NWC took part in the «Sommelier Salon of the XVIII Russian Sommelier Contest»

On March 31 at the Korston Hotel Moscow, the New Wine Company took part in the salon, in the final of the annual contest of the sommelier of Russia. Guests got introduced with the best Armenian wines Hin Areni, Voskevaz, Voskeni, Keush, Koor and Jan.

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We invite you to a tasting of Hin Areni.

We invite you to taste the Armenian wine Hin Areni in supermarket «Azbuka Vkusa» on February 9 from 18.00-20.00.

We are waiting for you at the following addresses:

Moscow, Prospekt Mira, 58

Moscow, Ostrovityanova str., 2

Moscow,  Simferopol’skiy b-r., 22

Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 34

Moscow, Bol’shaya Gruzinskaya str.,  42

Moscow, Alabyana str., 7

Moscow, Bol’shaya Yakimanka str., 32

Moscow, Protochniy pereulok, 11

Moscow, Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya str., 13

Moscow Region, Krasnogorsk, Novorizhskoye shosse, 23-y kilometr,1, Unimoll Shopping Center

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Wines of Armenia at the exhibition «Prodexpo-2018»

From 5 to 9 February 2018 we invite you to get introduced with the best Armenian wines Karas, Kataro, Koor, Voskevaz and Voskeni at the 25th international exhibition Prodexpo (Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya  nab., 14). The wines will be presented at the stand of the Armenian Viticulture and Winemaking Foundation in Pavilion 2, 3rd Hall, seat 23E25

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The official distributor in Russia LLC «NWС».


19th August, the tasting of wines Karas, Hin Areni, Koor at the 4th music festival «Summer Jazz».

If your heart freezes from the sounds of saxophone and exciting piano transfusions or you just want to relax, the 4th Summer Jazz music festival is just for you. Here you can enjoy not only good music, but also taste the white and red wines of Karas, Hin Areni, Koor.

Date: August 19 at 7 pm «Taste through the Century»

Master class on wine tasting.

Venue: «Arthurs Village & SPA Hotel» 2017 MO, Dmitrovskoe highway, 20 km from MKAD

Open area café «Boulevard»

Territory: SPA

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The sommeliers of St. Petersburg got introduced with the variety of Armenian wine

The Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia  Arthur Sarkisyan for the St. Petersburg Association of Sommeliers held a large-scale tasting of samples of modern winemaking in Armenia.
More than 20 samples of Armenian wines were presented at the tasting, specially organized at the invitation of the St. Petersburg Sommelier Association. Artur Sarkisyan, the head of the SSER and the head of the «New Wine Company» project, presented the diversity of the country’s modern winemaking – from democratic samples of sparkling redwines to the top red wine  aging in French oak. From international varieties, which are grown in some farms of Armenia on their roots – to indigenous varieties.
More than 20 sommeliers of the best restaurants of Petersburg, including champions of Russia of different years Alexander Rassadkin and Leonid Sternik took part in the tasting.
“Petersburg has always been distinguished by a high level of development of the sommelier profession, attention to everything new, promising in world winemaking. It was interesting to present such a multifaceted topic as the wines of Armenia to interesting and professional audience “- said Arthur Sarkisyan.
In turn, the St. Petersburg Sommelier Association noted the high level of tasting: “Arthur picked up a wonderful collection of wines and demonstrated how Armenia reached a rather high level of winemaking within the shortest possible time. It is noteworthy that most of the wines (and we tried them more than 20) are made from indigenous  varieties, among which the white Voskehat and red Areni Noir are especially prominent. PAS expresses gratitude to Arthur Sarkisyan for the seminar and hopes that the Armenian wines will  adorn the wine cards of not only the restaurants of the Armenian cuisine, but also many others. “

Armenian wines at Prodexpo 2017

From 6 to 10th of February, 2017 we invite you to be introduced with the best Armenian wines Karas, Kataro, Keush, Koor and Voskeni on the 24-th international exhibition Prodexpo (Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 14). Wines will be presented at the stand of the Vin and Wine Foundation of Armenia in pavilion 5, in the second room, place 52B60.

Official distributor in Russia is OOO “NWC”.

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Kataro Wine at Armfashionday 2016 Autumn

On November 27 at 18.00 in the Golden Palace will be held “Armfashionday 2016 Autumn” – an annual fashion show with the participation of famous Armenian designers. One of the partners of the event will be the wine of Kataro from NWC, the supplier of the best Armenian wines in Russia.
“Armfashionday 2016 Autumn” is a significant platform for designers who have established themselves on the world’s catwalks, as well as a great opportunity for novice designers to make themselves known.

Wines of Armenia with Arthur Sarkisyan

The first tasting in the new wine room “Blanc de Blanc” is dedicated to the wines of Armenia, the countries with the most ancient traditions of winemaking. The moderator is Arthur Sarkisyan, the best sommelier of Russia, the author of the “Wine Guide of Russia”.
We will taste wines from unique ancient grape varieties: white – Voskehat, Garan dmak, Khatun, Kangun, Rkatsiteli, and also reds – Areni noir, Kakhet, HaAkhtanak, HndojiKhndoghni.

The tasting set is represented by the wines of the most promising wineries of Armenia – Karas, Voskeni, Van Ardi, Kataro, Hin Areni:

– Vancevan Voskeni 2014 white – Voskehat, Garan dmak, Khatun
– Karas Armavir 2014 white – Chardonnay, Kangun, Rkatsiteli
– Hin Areni Voskehat Vayots Dzor 2014 white – Voskehat
– Van Ardi Aragatsotn 2013 red – Areni, Kakhet, Haghtanak
– Vancevan Voskenei 2014 red – Areni, Khndoghni, Kakhet
– Kataro 2013 red – Khndoghni
– Karas Reserve Armavir 2012 red – Syrah, Petit Verdot, Montepulciano, Ancelotta
– Zora Karasi Areni Noir Rind-Yeghegnadzor 2013 red – Areni Noir

Tuesday, September 6 at 19:00 in the new wine room “Blanc de Blanc” on the street. Efremova, 10, building 1 (m. Sportivnaya)

The owners of 10-15% of the client cards of the wine room “Blanc de Blanc” are invited to the tasting.
Tasting is free of charge.
You need to pre-register by phone: + 7-495-7730403

Kataro Wine at WorldFood Moscow 2016

From 12 to 15th of September 2016 the next international exhibition WorldFood Moscow 2016 will be held
(Moscow, Central Exhibition Complex “Expocenter”, Krasnopresnenskaya emb., 14), one of the participants of which will be the Kataro winery.

Kataro is a family winery, whose style is determined by rare autochthonous indigneous grape varieties. On 6 hectares of own vineyards and in a small “boutique” winery Ernest Avetisyan and his family members experiment with the red variety  of KhndoghniHondoji, as well as several rare white varieties.

The exhibition will include:
Kataro red dry wine from Hondoji Khndoghnivariety (100%)

We invite you to be introduced with the wine from the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic in Pavilion 1, the “Armenia” stand “№A333

Official distributor in Russia LLCNWC

Presentation of the 1st annual guide “Wines of Armenia”

Premiere author of the Guide “Wines of Armenia” Artur Sargsyan will be held on July 11-12, 2016 at one of the most prestigious luxury venues in Europe, Lotte Hotel Moscow.
Thanks to a partnership with Lotte Hotel Moscow this year has made possible a two-day format of the presentation of the author’s wine Guide as a full-scale Forum of the Union of sommelier and experts of Russia with a series of master classes, a VIP area, wine tasting of specially invited guests and evening reception for winemakers.
Program Presentations:
11 Jul
11.00-12.00 arrival of guests,
12.00-13.00 Press conference
13.00-17.00 Grand salon 2016 presentation of the best wines of Russia and Armenia

12 Jul
12.00 -17.00 Grand salon 2016 wine tasting of Russia and Armenia
12.00-18.00 master classes from the partners of the guide and winemakers

NWC is a partner of the «Topical Style Awards 2016»

NWC, the exclusive distributor of the best Armenian wines and wines Karas, is a partner of the annual Star Award “Topical Style Awards 2016”. For the sixth time, the magazine MODA Topical, headed by the editor Oksana Fedorova, holds the most stylish in the magazine version of the award – “Topical Style Awards 2016”. On May 26, at the most fashionable venue of the Soho Rooms, awards will be awarded to the stars of Russian show business for achievements in the field of style, image and, design.

Kataro and Karas at the exhibition MITT 2016 “Travel and Tourism”

On March 25 the tasting of Armenian wines Karas and Kataro took place during the 23rd international exhibition “Travel and Tourism” MITT 2016 at the Expocenter, which was held by the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia Arthur Sarkisyan at the stand dedicated to the Republics of Armenia and NKR.

MITT is one of the largest tourist exhibitions in the world and annually gathers under its roof the largest players from Russia and other countries of the world. This year, one of the pavilions was assigned to the national stand of the Republics of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. As these tourist destinations are now very popular, the organizers of the exhibition wanted to introduce visitors not only to representatives of the tourism sector, but also to tell about cultural, historical and national characteristics.

To this end, the “New Wine Company” was invited along with Arthur Sarkisyan to conduct tasting of Karas and Kataro wines – two outstanding representatives of Armenian winemaking.

Karas vineyards are located on the fertile soil of the Ararat Valley, where the renowned winemaker Mariano Vignoni skillfully combines the pale European and local varieties of grapes. Thanks to this, a unique wine is born, recognized by connoisseurs around the world.

The uniqueness of Kataro wine is in the use of local indignous grapes. It is a small family winery, in which traditions and secrets of erecting wines and creating wines are transmitted from generation to generation.

Tasting Armenian wines Karas

On March 2, 3 and 4, the tastings of the Armenian wines Karas will be held at Gastronome N. 1 in GUM. They are presented in the Russian market by NWC, the exclusive distributor of the best Armenian wines. Visitors will be able to try Karas Red, Karas White and Karas Muscat.

NWC – partner of the ceremony of awarding the stars “Pair of the Year 2016”

NWC, the exclusive distributor of the best Armenian wines and wines Karas, is the partner of the ceremony of awarding the stars “Pair of the Year 2016”. For the seventh year MODA Topical magazine, headed by the editor Oksana Fedorova, has been holding the most tender, romantic and expected prize – “The Couple of the Year”. Nominees and winners of this award are the most beautiful and most sensual unions of pop, television, cinema and sports stars.