NWC begins sales in Russia of the best wines from winery “Voskevaz”

“New Wine Company” starts sales in Russia, the top positions of the line Voskevaz Winery. Project Manager NWC, the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of RussiaArtur Sarkisyan selected the most interesting wines that reflect the modern style “Voskevaz”.

At first, has to be noticed the top of “karas wines” range, created by the head of Voskevaz David Hovhannisyan and oenologist of the project Alexey Sapsai. “Voskevaz” is one of the few modern wineries of Armenia, representing on the wine market, fermented and aged in traditional clay amphora – karases. For this project, the ancient karases were found in the small highland villages. They were painstakingly restored and returned in the winemaking cycle. The oldest karases of “Voskevaz” is dated to the last decades of the last century. For aging wines of the top range uses the tun of the Armenian oak.

The collection includes samples of the traditional indigenous varieties of Armenia Areni Black and Voskehat, as well as traditional varieties Hakhtanak.

Also “New Wine Company” will sell in Russia wine “Vanakan” — a unique blend of Alexei Sapsay from grapes of Black Areni, Kakhet and Haghtanak.

The project “Voskevaz” develops on the basis of the old winery, located not far from Yerevan. The project also intensively developing tourism. Guests of “Voskevaz” can take in the atmosphere of fairy-tale town with its town hall, the market and, of course, the winery.

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