Vayots Dzor region has the potential of new Burgundy

In an interview with the news Agency Sputnik project Manager of “New Wine Company” the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of RussiaArtur Sarkisyan talked about the potential of winemaking in Armenia, highlighting the role of Vayots Dzor region, the homeland of many indigenous grape varieties. Assessment of Arthur Sarkisyan, this wine region can become a New Burgundy for the world wine market.

In an interview with Arthur Sarkisyan also discussed issues related to the development of Armenia’s image as a wine country, structure and culture of alcohol consumption on the national market, the problems of promotion of the best wines of Armenia in Russia.

Was announced plans to open Association of national sommelier in Armenia, trainings for the HoReCa sector.

The most interesting wines of the region Vayots Dzor from projects Koor, Old Bridge, Zorah Wines, Hin Areni, Maran, Keush, Triniti Canyon today are presented in the portfolio of “New Wine Company.”

Full text  is available in Armenia and Russia:

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