The best wines of Armenia will be marked with a special sign

A number of wines from New wine company, undergone a rigorous selection and included in the author’s Guide Arthur Sargsyan will be marked with a special sign “Selection Guide”. The signs are divided into three categories, in accordance with the obtained grades.

The wines scored from 82 to 85 points in the international 100-point scale adopted by the OIV (the world organization of vine and wine), get silver samples, estimated 86-89 points – the “gold” sign. The best wines of Armenia, who scored more than 90 points in the Guide will be marked with the Grand Prix.

The first wine of Armenia, the label which will be placed sign the Grand Prix, the reserve will be Carp (selection Winemaker’s blend), the blend of which was personally compiled by the most respected flying winemaker in the world, Michel Rolland.

The signs are made by sophisticated technology with the use of printing equipment (12-colorful car made in the USA) in the printing “Aurora Print”, which is the Partner of the author’s wine Guide. Holographic effects, special embossing process provides a high degree of protection of the marks against forgery. In addition, as an additional protection degree each of the characters will have a unique number.

The purpose of placing the characters “Selection Guide” on wine labels is to attract the attention of consumers and the professional community of wine merchants and sommeliers to the best wines of Armenia.

Karas reserve with the Sign of the Grand Prix on the label will be presented in the areas of sales of the top wines around the world.

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