Old Bridge. Legendary name of winemaking in Armenia. Now in Russia.

New wine company presented on the Russian market of wine “boutique” farms of the mountainous region of Vayots Dzor – Old Bridge.

The development of the author’s project, one of the first in modern Armenia around 20 years of experience in the owner Armen Khalatyan. The vineyards are located in the valley of the river ARPA on several slopes with different soil types. Height over sea level of about 1 200 metres. The main varieties of the farm are Areni Black and red autochthonous Kakheti. The project consultant is one of the most respected oenologists modern Armenia – Arman Manukyan.

The name of the farm comes from the ancient bridge nearby the ARPA river, the views from the highest point of the vineyards of the Old Bridge. Stone bridge, which is one of the main attractions of the region of Vayots Dzor built in the XIII century. Across the bridge he passed one of the caravan roads of the Great silk road. According to historians, this road could pass the legendary traveler Marco Polo.

Area of vineyards is small – just over 4 hectares. today, the farm produces just 10 million bottles of wine a year. All wines are kept for at least 18-24 months in barrels of oak and Karabakh are additional bottle aging of at least 6 months.

The main wine farm – aged Black Areni. Currently available on the market the harvest of 2012, with significant potential for further aging. In addition, a New exclusive wine company will present in Russia are rare even in Armenia the 2009 vintage from the company’s Old Bridge. For those interested in the development of wines from the main autochthonous varieties of Armenia will be interesting to conduct a comparative tasting of two vintages.

Today, wines from Old Bridge already present in the market in Moscow.

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