The best wines of Armenia for «Khoroshie restaurants»

The «New Wine Company» plans to begin deliveries of Armenian wines to one of the largest restaurant chains in Rostov – «Khoroshie restaurants». Especially for the sommelier of this  chain, the presentation of the Armenian wines  was conducted by the head of the NWC project, the head of the Union of sommeliers and experts of Russia Arthur Sarkisyan.

The chain «Khoroshie restaurants» includes seven creative and popular restaurant projects of Rostov, such as well-known «Famous», «Onegin Dacha», «Mezonin» and others.

Especially for the sommeliers’ of the chain, Arthur Sarkisyan and chef-sommelier of  «Khoroshie restaurants» Donior Mukhammadiev organized an extensive tasting of the best Armenian wines. The event was held in the wine boutique «LEO Wine & Kitchen».

“We, perhaps, for the first time prepared such a huge set of Armenian wines. It was included not only the top examples of all our key partners. We were able to compare different vintages of Karas Reserve or Old Bridge. The experience turned out to be very interesting and allowed to show Armenian winemaking in the dynamics of its fast positive changes. In the wine regions of the country each year is quite different from the previous by climate and accordingly the character of the wines changes, the producers  are in search, offering a new look at their already well-known brands. An excursion into the history and winemaking of Armenia made a great impression on the gathered professionals”, said Arthur Sarkisyan.

Wines from suppliers such as Karas, Voskeni, VanArdi, Zorah, Koor, Kataro, OldBridge, Voskevaz, HinAreni was presented at the tasting.

A number of positions presented on the tasting  are planning to include into the wine menuof «Khoroshie restaurants».

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