Wines of NWC by restaurateurs from 40 regions of Russia

The «New Wine Company» introduced wines from its portfolio at the Sochi forum for restaurateurs, which was organized by the leader of the HoReCa market in the field of tea and coffee deliveries, by Teaco. More than 600 participants of the Forum were introduced  with Russian and Armenian wines from the NWC. Master classes of Armenian wines were hold by Artur Sarkisyan, the head of the NWC project.

The First All-Russian Tea and Coffee Forum in Sochi gathered key restaurateurs, leaders, forming the development trends and trends of the restaurant market in their regions. Special guests of the Forum were representatives of Ginza Project, Novikov Group, Maison Dellos and a number of significant restaurants. The event was held at the Radisson Blu Paradise.

For three days, the community of restaurateurs from 40 Russian regions discussed ready-made solutions for restaurants, cafes and catering, shared cases and developments, listened  reports of 15 professionals in the HoReCa field.

The wine direction at the Forum was presented by the head of the Union of sommeliers and experts of Russia, head of the NWC Arthur Sarkisyan.

“The event was held at a remarkably high level, everything was thought over to the last detail. At the Forum there was a very friendly, creative atmosphere of live communication. It was very pleasant to represent in this situation the best wines of Armenia and a number of interesting projects of Russian winemaking. We have tried to present all the best that NWC company has collected – small-circulation author’s wines – Van Ardi, the top positions of the Karas brand, the exclusive harvest of the 2009 Old Bridge and much more. I am sure that during these days it was possible to attract the attention of many people from the restaurant business to the high level of Armenian wines», – said Arthur Sarkisyan.

On the Armenian wines master-class was presented an extended version of presentation materials covering the wine geography and the history of wine making in Armenia, the stylistics of the best wineries. The program of the Forum was closed with a gala dinner, at which the Forum participants could be introduced with the wines of the NWC in an informal atmosphere.

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