Leading Russian blogger, told about the Modern wine industry of Armenia

Denis Rudenko, a leading wine blogger (“Daily wine Telegraph”), teacher and popularizer of wine prepared a huge lecture about the history, climate special aspects, grape varieties and modern winemaking in Armenia. Illustration for the lecture were wines, most of which are already presented in the portfolio of «New Wine Company».

Material for the lecture were collected during an international tour of journalists of Armenia organized by the Armenia development Fund (DFA). Assistance in the preparation of the Russian delegation DFA had a «New Wine Company». In addition, the author uses a number of resource materials “Wines of Armenia”.

The first lecture was presented at the meeting of the club, “750 ml”, which is the leading Denis Rudenko and further materials were placed by the author for public inspection: http://www.docme.ru/doc/1295955/armeniya

As noted by Denis Rudenko in the introductory part of his lecture “the Modern wine industry of Armenia is the history of the last 10 years, when at the expense of local investors and of many wealthy people of their Diaspora in many parts of the country begining building a new, modern winery, landing carefully cultivated vineyards of the ancient Armenian and international grape varieties, opening a school for training young agronomists and future winemakers all aspects of the profession. On the shelves of wine shops began to appear a new wine — pure, intense, rich aromas and at the same time quite distinctive”.

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