The future of Armenian winemaking is – expensive and quality wines

In an interview with the news agency Armenpress, the head of the “New Wine Company”, the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia Arthur Sarkisyan told about his meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of Armenia, perspectives of national winemaking and development of the brand “Wine of Armenia” in the world market.

Last year the experience of the “New Wine Company”, which made a significant contribution to the development of wine imports from Armenia to Russia, offering only high-level wines, can become an example for the whole wine market of Armenia.

“Now it is a unique moment in the history of Armenian winemaking. The country has always been perceived as a brandy producer. Armenia has a “zero” image in the winemaking field. At the same time there are unique advantages, like the endemic grape types, old vines on their roots, which are almost all over the world, high-altitude terroirs, the tradition of winemaking for more than 6 thousand years. There are a number of international wine projects. These are wines which amaze people during the first try. “What’s this, Armenia?” – a question that I hear almost at every tasting in Russia. The same “wow effect” can be seen on any tasting in the world.

If this potential is correctly realized now, Armenia will follow the path of Austria, which for 30 years has turned from a wine country of the “third world” into a supplier of high quality wines at a considerable price. If we miss the moment, a low-quality wine stream will flow out of Armenia, the image of the country will be forever ruined”, – said Arthur Sarkisyan.

Full text  is available in Armenia and Russia:

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