Michel Rolland completed work on a new vintage Karas.

The most famous «flying winemaker» of the world – Michel Rolland visited Armenia at the invitation of the Karas brand to complete preparations for the launch of the next vintage project. In the near future, the premiere of the new wine Grand Karas, created by the world enology, will take place.

Michel Rolland has been cooperating with the Karas project for more than five years. Winemakers from the French oenologist’s team control the main stages of production. The master himself visits the production every spring and personally composes the blends.

In honor of Michel Rolland, Karas brand hosted a reception in Yerevan, where the world famous oenologist shared his views on the future of wine in Armenia. «It’s more interesting to work in Armenia than in Bordeaux, where everything is clear. There are challenges that need to be overcome. The potential of this country has not yet been fully revealed, but a beautiful future awaits it in the winemaking industry», – Michel Rolland said in an interview with Armenpress.

Also, Michel Rolland visited the oldest winery in the Areni-1 cave of the Vayots Dzor region, which is more than 6 100 years old.

In 2017, Karas brand will present on the market aged red wine of a new level – Grand Karas, created by Michel Rolland. In Russia, the wine Karas exclusively represents the «New Wine Company».

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