The wines of the NWC portfolio were «a couple» to the author’s brunch.

The head of the project of the New Wine Company, the head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia, appeared in a new role as a  chef. Together with the Cheese Connection cheese restaurant team, he created an author’s menu based on the dishes of Armenian cuisine in modern reading. The brunch  supplements Karas and Hin Areni wines .

On June 17 and 18, it was difficult to find a vacant table in the restaurant Cheese Connection with own dairy. The premiere of the author’s brunch Sarkisyan Connection from the head of the New Wine Company Arthur Sarkisyan was held here.

It was accompanied by the wine of Hin Areni, a winery that works with Armenian indigenous varieties in modern European style, as well as the Karas brand, which reveals the potential of European varieties in the unique terroir of the Ararat plain.

Based on the dishes and tastes of one of the oldest cuisines of the world, a menu with modern accents was developed: Zhengyalov Hats with soft goat cheese, tomato salad with mozzarela and estragon, sorrel soup with estragon and egg.

Excellent addition to the traditional dish Tolma was a tender burrata. The taste of the dish was most fully revealed, accompanied by red wine Hin Areni with a dominant Areni variety in the blend.

The real hit of the brunch was «Ara Burger», the special piquancy was given by the Armenian basturma. Perfectly emphasized this plentiful meat dish red wine Karas, in which European varieties complement the powerful endemic variety Кhndoghni from Artsakh.

The dessert of Halumi with jam from white cherry, walnut or apricot is a worthy completion of the brunch. In a couple of it was offered ice sparkling semi-sweet wine from Muscat Ottonel – Karas Dyutich.


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