The best wines of Armenia will be presented in Moscow.

On September 27 in Marriott Hotel Moscow will be the premiere of the first separate edition of Artur Sarkisyan’s author Guide «Armenian Wines». During the presentation of the book, also will be the salon «Opening of the wine Armenia», the visitors of which will be able to taste the best wines of the country, many of which are presented in the «New Wine Company» portfolio.

The author’s guide «Armenian Wines» this year will be published for the first time as a separate edition. The book includes the best wines of Armenia. In addition, the Guide includes detailed descriptions and maps of the main wine-growing regions of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

The author of the Guide, the head of the Sommelier Association and the experts of Armenia, the head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia annually visits all wineries, selecting the best wines. After that, a tour of control wine tastings, bought at retail, follows to check the stability of the quality.

Traditionally, all wines included in the Guide can be tasted within the wine salon, and compare their impressions with the author’s ratings on the classic 100-point scale.

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