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Не пропустите пятый выпуск «PRO ВИНО»!

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«PRO WINE» fourth edition!

Vlad Khachatryan, brand ambassador of «Amelia Wine» and Galina Rosenstein, a wine promoter will taste the wines of Voskevaz winery!

Dry red wine Nuraz and white dry wine Voskepar, as well as two wines prepared by the traditional method – dry white wine Voskehat Karasi Collection old vines and red dry wine Areni Karasi Collection old vines.

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The long-awaited PRO WINE broadcast with Anastasia Orlova!

May 21 at 13:00 Moscow time and at 20:00 Khabarovsk we will talk about the wines of Van Ardi!

Prepare your questions and join the already traditional online tasting. And for a complete immersion, pour yourself a glass of red and white Van Ardi!

You can buy wines in Moscow through our website or in the stores of our partners (the list is on the site), and in Khabarovsk in the «Samberi» hypermarket chain!

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«PRO WINE» program is going to visit!

The new release on May 17 at 20:00 Moscow time live on the pages @vina_armenii and @winenotgalina!
Vlad Khachatryan, brand ambassador of «Amelia Wine» and Galina Rosenstein, a wine promoter will taste wines of Tushpa and Jan brands!

Especially for this broadcast, we prepared a discount: according to the winenotgalina PROMODE you can purchase these wines through our website with a 30% discount all May!

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Congratulations on the Great Victory Day!

Congratulations on the Great Victory Day! Amelia Wine company wishes you peace, peace, hope and joy in your hearts!

The third edition of «PRO WINE»

On Sunday, May 10, at 13:00 Moscow time and at 20:00 Khabarovsk time, «Van Ardi» wine will be tasting – 2 cities, 2 wines, 2 opinions.

«Van Ardi» will be tasted by «Amelia Wine» marketing director and brand ambassador Vlad Khachatryan and Anastasia Orlova, Cavist manager of the «Samberi» hypermarket chain, winner of the 3rd Russian WSET 3 Cavist Competition, founder of the first wine school in the Far East «Wine School #1».

Join the tasting and taste 2 wines of the brand «Van Ardi», red and white, together with the host and his guest!

Buy wine for tasting in Moscow through our website (or in stores with a list of which can be found on the website), and in Khabarovsk in the «Samberi» hypermarket chain.

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The second edition of «PRO WINE»

On Saturday, May 2, at 13:00 Moscow time and at 20:00 Khabarovsk time, our instagram will host the first live tasting – 2 cities, 2 wines, 2 opinions.
«Hin Areni» will be tasted by «Amelia Wine» marketing director and brand ambassador Vlad Khachatryan and Anastasia Orlova, Cavist manager of the «Samberi» hypermarket chain, winner of the 3rd Russian WSET 3 Cavist Competition, founder of the first wine school in the Far East «Wine School #1».

Join the tasting and taste 2 wines of the brand «Hin Areni», red and white, together with the host and his guest!

Buy wine for tasting in Moscow through our website (or in stores with a list of which can be found on the website), and in Khabarovsk in the «Samberi» hypermarket chain.
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We follow modern trends!

On Wednesday, April 22, at 13:00 Moscow time and at 20:00 Khabarovsk time, our first big live broadcast on our instagram.

«PRO VINO» will be spoken by «Amelia Wine» marketing director and brand ambassador Vlad Khachatryan and Anastasia Orlova, Cavist manager of the «Samberi» hypermarket chain, winner of the 3rd Russian WSET 3 Cavist Competition, founder of the first wine school in the Far East «Wine School #1».

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Congratulates you on the bright holiday of Easter!

Amelia Wine team congratulates you on the bright holiday of Easter! Let your house be filled with joy and light, peace and understanding in the family!

Happy 8th of March!

Amelia Wine team congratulates lovely, charming ladies on the holiday of spring! Let your life be filled with spring, happiness, harmony, pleasant surprises and sincere people. Happy March 8th!

Congratulation on February 23!

Amelia Wine company congratulates men on the Defender of the Father’s Day and wishes you peace and prosperity, mutual understanding and respect, love and wormth in the house! May life be happy, good health, energy-inexhaustible, and every day bright and joyful!

Мастер-классы на выставке «Продэкспо 2020»

Dear friends, colleagues and partners!

We invite you to visit the master-classes «Wines of Armenia»:

02/11/2020 12.00 – 13.30 HIGH-MOUNTAIN SPARKLING KEUSH WINES by Vahe Keushgurian, founder of the KEUSH brand

12.02.2020 14.30 – 16.00 WINE JAN INTERNATIONAL VARIETIES FROM ARMENIA by Vlad Khachatryan, brand ambassador of Amelia Wine

02/13/2020 14.30 – 16:00 INDIGENOUS VARIETIES OF ARMENIAN WINE HIN ARENI by Arthur Sarkisyan, President of the Sommelier Union and Experts of Russia, Head of the Sommelier Association and Experts of Armenia

And also master classes from the Chef of the restaurant «YEREVAN» Mark Epstein.

The program of master classes:


13.00 – 14.30 MONINI

15.30 – 17.00 LUTIK


12.00 – 13.30 FEDERICI & MAESTRO de OLIVA

16.00 – 17.30 KUHNE


12.30 – 13.30 IBERICA

16.00 – 17.30 RISO SCOTTI & CIRIO

Master classes will be held at the Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya.
Address: Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, 14.

Stand N21Е75, Pavilion N2.1

Armenian wines at «ProdExpo 2020» exhibition

Dear friends, colleagues and partners! We invite you to visit our booth at the 27th international exhibition of food products «Prodexpo 2020». Stand №21Е75, pavilion 2.1. The exhibition will be held from February 10 to 14, 2020 in the «Expocenter» on Krasnaya Presnya. Address: Moscow, 14, Krasnopresnenskaya emb. We will be happy to introduce you to our range, present  new products and discuss joint plans and development prospects!

See you at our booth!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Dear friends!

Amelia Wine company sincerely congratulates you on the upcoming 2020!

May this year be the beginning of favorable changes and successful deeds!

Good health, stability, excellent mood and fulfillment of all desires!

10 вопросов виноделу бренда Ин Арени

If you start making wine and winemaking, then it’s already impossible to get away from it …

Today, in our heading # 10_questions_ to a winemaker, oddly enough, not a winemaker, but a person striving to become a winemaker. But, at the same time, having a direct bearing on wine. And not just wine, but management of one of the largest wineries in the Vayots Dzor region.

We spoke with David Mkrtchyan, Deputy Director of the Hin Areni factory.

1. About choosing a profession

In any traditional Armenian family, children want to go in the profession after their fathers and in our family it was the same. My father was a politician. I also really liked politics. And I went to the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia at the Department of Political Science. But later I changed my mind and graduated from the National Agrarian University of Armenia, I am a financier.

I have been doing business for a long time. And then my father became the director of a winery. And for about a year or two I just went to visit him, looked. And day after day I liked this work more and more. And now I already realized that if you start to engage in wine and winemaking, then it’s already impossible to get away from it …

2. About traditions

Our task, the task of my father, the task of the owner of our factory was to make traditional Armenian wine. So that the world learns not only about Armenian cognac, but also about Armenian wine. Armenian traditional wine is homemade wine, it has this hardness. Our wine, it also has this hardness. Because we were given this stiffness by nature along with Areni grapes. We don’t deal with blends, we make 100 percent wine from Areni. But French technology gives a slight French touch.

3. About winemaking

The famous French winemaker Didier Cornellenion works with us. He tried Areni grapes and saw in it the special thing. He himself wanted to get exactly Armenian wine. Yes, there are, of course, some nuances that make us closer to French wine. But these are more production issues. Our red wine Areni – it is typically Armenian.

4. About the factory

Work began in 2013, and already in 2014, the Hin Areni factory was ready. Not only production was ready. We immediately prepared a tasting room – this is important. The first wine we had was the 2013 harvest: white Voskehat wine and red Areni. And in 2014 it was already on sale in bottles.

5. About differences

We are a little different from small traditional wineries. Our tastes are a bit different, but the technology is completely different. For example, we get rid of the skin and seeds a little later, in our country berries are immediately separated from the branches. And most importantly, we harvest the crop differently. We have our own vineyards. We grow our own grapes. And we do not load the vineyards, we do not set the task to get 10 tons of grapes per hectare, as is usually done. We get up to 4 tons per hectare – this is the maximum. It makes a difference in taste.

6. About the news

The Areni variety is an endemic grape variety. Areni wine is good anyway. But if you look at the production, quality – our every year becomes better and better.

At the moment we have in our assortment Red Areni, Red Areni Reserve, Pink and White Voskehat. But literally in 2 weeks we will have a white Voskehat Reserve. White wine has been kept in an oak barrel for more than a year, but has not changed its color at all. But the taste, of course, is completely different.

We will already begin to present it in our tasting rooms. We leave a very small amount in reserve. And after 5 years we will try them again. And then it will certainly be exclusive wines. There are a small number of them, but they are still there.

7. About philosophy

Our Vayotz Dzor region is famous for its winemaking. And typical grape varieties for our region are Areni and Voskehat. The rest of the varieties are something introduced. And our point of view is this: if we are in this region, then we make wine from grapes characteristic of this region. Areni is famous not only in Armenia, but also all over the world. And Voskehat is the queen of our vineyards. In other regions of Armenia there is also a Voskehat, but to taste, in its color scheme, everything is different there from our region.

8. About beloved wine

As such, all the years, all the crops we had were good. But still there is a difference. For example, in 2013, the harvest was weaker. The taste range is the same, but the wine is softer and weaker even in degrees – there are 13 degrees. But, starting in 2014, all years were very dry and sunny. Therefore, the strength and taste range are different from 2013. However, for me there is a difference between, for example, 2014 and 2015. Personally, my taste is the harvest of 2015 red and 2016 white. Personally, I like them more.

9. About wine culture

Each country has its own wine culture. In Armenia, for a very long time this wine culture did not exist. The tradition was interrupted. In Soviet times it was not there. After the collapse of the Soviet Union for 20 years, they again drank only vodka, beer and cognac. But the last 10 years, and this year it will be 10 years, as young people began to drink wine. And this is very good.

10. About the future

I have already begun to study winemaking. I watch, learning, study and think that in five years I’ll take a chance and try to make wine myself. We must strive for the goal. The main thing is to have a goal, and the rest itself. I have already moved here from Yerevan to Vayotz Dzor, because I like mountains, good people, atmosphere. And I invite everyone to visit us in Armenia, in Vayotz Dzor, to taste the wines of Hin Areni.

10 вопросов виноделу бренда Аллуриа

New words must be created for this wine …

It is no coincidence that we start a new section # 10_questions_to winemaker with the most extraordinary winemaker of Armenia.

As well as #Alluria wine, you don’t need to expect a familiar, ordinary and previously tested conversation with Samvel Machanyan. We invite you to the world of the Alluria winery!

1. About start

Winemaking is a family affair. After the Armenian Genocide, our family moved to Etchmiadzin. Our grandfathers brought with them and preserved the tradition of winemaking. Already from grandfather to father, and from father to us this family hobby passed. Each year my brothers and father made several hundred liters of wine. And in 2013 they decided that we can already think of wine as a business. We started work on branding and from that year every year we produce wine using traditional technology and the special technology of our father.

4. About technology

Our father changed some technological processes and got his own way of producing the best quality wine. And we make wine exactly according to my father’s method. I would not say that this is a specific technology. This is more about the selection method, the method of maceration – they differ from the traditional ones.

3. About philosophy

We call it natural winemaking. But, if you look at how organic wine or biodynamic wine is produced, then we produce just such a wine. Now we are in the process of obtaining an organic certificate. I hope that next year we will receive a certificate to officially bear the name «organic wine».

And we’ll even begin the process of producing biodynamic wine. The technology we use. And the methods that we use – they correspond to biodynamic wine. But now we call it simply – natural wine.

4. About the news

Alluria Classic is our father’s blend of experiments. My brothers and I also love to experiment. And every year we try different grapes and try to make different wines. Next year, I hope that we will have white wine. Of course, we do it by the same natural methods – this is spontaneous fermentation, without the use of sulfites … We are trying to maintain our technology. With white wine, this is a little more difficult, but we still keep the philosophy of natural winemaking.

5. About business card

I think that the wine, which is definitely worth a try, will be our Alluria Reserve. We always tell our dear customers: «If you try Alluria, then you do not need to expect something so familiar». The very first thing we want is for the consumer to have an IMPRESSION. We always say that you should not expect anything familiar from Alluria. This is always something unfamiliar, it is always something unreal, how to say … wild, complex, interesting. For example, Alluria Reserve is a touch that my brothers and I did. Our father made only Alluria Classic and could not stand the wine in barrels. And in 2014, the brothers and I did an experiment with the 2013 vintage. We didn’t have a barrel then. And we decided that we would not pour the wine into the barrel, but on the contrary, «pour» the barrel into the wine. We ourselves burned the oak shavings and sent them to a bottle of wine. After 8 months of aging, it turned out a very interesting and good wine. And, most importantly, our father liked it. And then we got two barrels as a gift. In them we made our first Alluria Reserve vintage 2014. I think that this is exactly the wine that encapsulates in itself everything that we call Alluria. This is both unpredictability and savagery … but in a barrel it turns out to be somehow «combed» and interesting.

6. About consumers

I feel the difference in consumer. But not in a geographical sense. It doesn’t matter – these are Russians, Armenians or Americans. The difference is whether the consumer is a beginner or not. Those who have a lot of experience with other wines, they try to find something to compare, try to find what Alluria looks like. And people who do not have such much experience with wine, they themselves try to come up with their associations with Alluria.

It is always very interesting. We have one experimental wine that people who have a lot of experience really like. Because they find in him something familiar. And there is another “wine” experiment, which is more like those who do not have much experience. All who have tried it say that this is an unpredictable and inexplicable wine. We had a guest from Japan who said that for this wine he should create new words in order to be able to tell about his feelings. Because the usual words that are used to describe wine, for this wine he did not want to use.

7. About plans

We want to expand and want our wine to become international. Our first experience of entering the international market was sales in Russia with the help of «Amelia Wine». And now I already think that next year we will move to the next level and send our wines to other countries.

8. About dreams

My brothers and I really want to create a new wine, which will become our blend. This is our very first desire.

9. About traditions

And our second desire is to recreate the wine that our grandfathers made. From the grapes from which our grandfathers made wine. We brought vines from an old vineyard in the village of Aylur. We want to plant a vineyard and make wine from this grape. And this will be the most interesting of what we will have in 3-4 years. The day we receive the first fruits will be the day of the revival of our family winemaking.

Aylur village is located in Turkey, near Van Lake. Now this village is called Alakoy. Last year my brothers and I went there, asking residents about the old vineyard. They didn’t really want to show us these places, but our guide was able to find out the way. According to the stories of fellow villagers, only our family was engaged in viticulture in this village. So it was a very emotional moment when we took the vines from there and brought them to Etchmiadzin. And one of the vines withstood the move. This is a technical grape variety with a dense peel, very sweet. I cannot name the variety, but we will certainly send the grapes for genetic analysis.

10. About thanks

First of all, I want to say thanks to «Amelia Wine», which gave a chance to show our wine in Russia and, of course, many thanks to our consumers for appreciating our work. And I want to assure you that even though we are moving forward, our philosophy remains the same. We will make wines that will be abnormal and interesting. And since my brothers and I are experimenters, every year we will try to create new Alluria wines.

And of course I invite you all to Armenia to see the country that stands at the roots of winemaking and invite to Alluria Wines to see with your own eyes how the wildest wine is created!

10 вопросов виноделу бренда Воскеваз

«The world needs to show something of its own, something interesting»

In our regular heading # 10_questions to a winemaker, the owner of the Voskevaz Winery David Hovhannisyan. About how to start selling Bulgarian wine in Russia, you can start producing Armenian wine in Armenia in our material!

1. About start

This, I think, is the compatibility of stars. It was necessary that I had precisely these brothers. It was necessary that everything worked out in my head. It was necessary that I went to live in Moscow, and then came here and stayed. It was all … directed by some kind of force.

In Russia, I was engaged in the wholesale of alcoholic beverages. And we sold an incredible amount of popular and tasteless products. Remember the wine «Monastery hut»? Wagon cars left …

In 1997, when I came to Armenia on a completely different matter, I was offered three wineries. And I decided in a couple of hours. I thought that if we can sell such an amount of Bulgarian low-quality products, then we will be able to produce and sell high-quality products.

And … the tale did not last long. Until August 1998. Then a default occurred and in the morning there was a call with the words: «Colonel Kudasov is a beggar, gentlemen». We have lost everything that could be. I had to sell two plants. Left only Voskevaz. Started working at this factory. It was necessary to survive after this blow in 1998. After that, we survived still 2008.

And today – this is already a completely different plant.

2. About the factory

There was nothing in Voskevaz. Three buildings. We saved one building. And it was a shame to even show two to people. It was just two square buildings. No architecture … there was nothing.

There was a reception center, which annually took up to three thousand tons of grapes. And he handed it over to the headquarters, which was located three kilometers from Voskevaz and was called Oshakan. These were parts of the Soviet Union Sherry. I only left Voskevaz from him.

We did not change the name. Because what else is needed if you have a combination of «Gold» and «Vaz», which means «Golden Vine»?

3. About business

I have a friend who was then the main winemaker with us. After I sold two factories, he and I began a separate topic of the production of high-quality wines. And when for the first time in 2005, wine worth 8,000 drams was put on the shelves of Yerevan stores (ed .: about 500 rubles), how to say …

It turned out that there is a place in Armenia for everyone. Both for normal and for crazy. We were on the list of those who dictated: «Good wine can and should be expensive». But for the population who bought vodka for 300 – 400 drams (about 20 rubles), it was crazy money.

4. About the first wines

The production process of several wines went simultaneously. That was in 1998. Interesting sensations when you start picking up your products, trying. Yes…. It’s all working together: wine, bottle, design, label development. After all, we did it all ourselves. We sat with the designer, decided how everything would be …

5. About winemaking

I myself have not been a winemaker. And what I did myself was for internal use. Not for sale. It was created in the family and for friends. Because it’s quite dangerous to enter the market with these products. Because there are a million nuances there that must be observed before displaying wine for all to see. If friends like it, they will say that «the wine is good», they will not like it and they will say that «a little sour», «not too strong». These are friends. You can withstand any criticism of them. And producing in large quantities is a responsibility.

We already have the third winemaker working, you can even say the fourth. The Armenian is my friend Garush, the Italian Renato Loz, the Russian Alexey Sapsay and the German Jean Paul Berger. Honestly, for the time being I was just lucky when choosing. Even taking risks, we got a pretty good effect. When they hired a person whom they did not know. Which did not have much experience, for example.

6. About beloved wine

There is a wine that has such a very native history. She is associated with the name of my mother. «Nuraz» wine is called. From the surname Nurasyan. And, firstly, it always turns out very good, and secondly, a lot of warmth in this wine. And this is not a subjective opinion, because I am not familiar with any of the jury members in an Italian or in a Spanish or European company. But they give silver medals to this wine. Or the bronze of Decanter. Or silver Catavinum, for example.

In Russia, all three lines are now presented and there is wine for any consumer. Of course, it’s worth trying «red» wines, which are produced in clay amphorae and moving already left or right in the assortment to make an idea of our wines.

7. About Karases

The hardest work is working with karases. But you touch some layer of your past. It is very difficult to convey the feeling when you work with karases that are more than a hundred years old … I have the youngest karas of 1910.

And they are the workers of these karases, we are preparing the wine in them. The oldest among them is 1897. But he is a little damaged. It will just be saved for the story.

Stainless steel appeared when it was necessary to prepare a huge amount of wine. In a stainless steel, it is easier to keep track of wine and fewer problems arise. Karas is a breathing item and this is our story. It’s more complicated, the percentage of problems is higher, but the result is worth it. The stainless steel that everyone loves so much right now, it’s just a container. She does not breathe.

The beginning of the «red» line was at the time of the winemaker Alexei Sapsay. I told him that we need to make wine in karas and see how they behave. The first wine we received was the first gold medal in Armenia from the Mundus Vini international exhibition. For wine, which was made from indigenous grapes, was fermented in Armenian karas, was aged in Armenian oak. The whole orientation was Armenian. Wine «Voskevaz Areni Nuar Karasi».

8. About grapes

Among the loved ones that we tried and got a positive result, this is definitely Voskhheat. Here, of course, there are no topics for further discussion of this variety. Since this is an ancient autochthon. He has such a huge potential that for a long time we will not understand how great this potential is. Areni is an incomparable variety. Kakhet is an excellent variety, Kangun … We also have Hakhtanak. It becomes popular because so many wines are obtained through blends with Hakhtanak. We made pure Hakhtanak in karas, I don’t remember, it seems like last year … And he got gold in Spain. So he also has a very high potential.

9. About wine

ABOUT! Wine has become a very expensive product for me. A product that gives you the opportunity to be amazingly nice … to fight our lives. We have chosen a topic that we want to show opportunities and interpretations of opportunities.

You go with your product into some kind of world where you cannot fight on equal terms. But you have to fight. And the war lies in your approach to obtaining this product. The way you imagine it. For instance. Everyone creates wine. How are you different from the rest? Why are you better than someone? Better than people who have only hereditary winemaking for 200-300 years ?! And suddenly you got into this world and want to say to everyone: «Do you know who you met?» You can only say one word with your product. Which in the future will sound so loud that my son or grandson, they can already make up the whole sentence from these words …

10. About future

Armenia cannot produce billions of bottles of some strange wines. Armenian winemaking should have its own chip, something that you will differ in the market. My opinion is that our main difference should be grape varieties. I do not know in the world more territories where you can find, for example, the same varieties of Voskehat, Kakhet or Areni. But everywhere you can find Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Malbec. You should be different from the rest and this is it – grades. Here, phylloxero-resistant stocks begin to plant. They begin to base their business on them, and I don’t think that is right. I do not think that a big surge in winemaking can be achieved using European grape varieties. We can turn into some kind of standard country in which standard wines will be produced. No different, not have their own worthy varieties, which, as we grow on our own roots. After all, the whole of Europe was destroyed more than 100 years ago by this phylloxera. The world needs to show something of its own, something interesting.

Поздравляем винодельню Zorah!

For the first time, an Armenian winery was included in Top 100 wineries in the world according to the authoritative American magazine Wine & Spirits.

The authors of the list taste tens of thousands of wines from thousands of wineries from around the world. To get on their list means that the winery not only produces quality wine, but also that the quality of the wines remains equally high from year to year! If you have not tried the wines of the Zorah winery, you have to try surely.

The wines at the winery are produced by the traditional Armenian method of aging in huge clay amphoras. And they use autochthonous grape varieties.

Sommelier Vsevolod Toponarov is tasting wines from the «Amelia wine» portfolio.

Sommelier Vsevolod Toponarov is tasting wines from the «Amelia wine» portfolio.


Presentation of wines in Sochi.

On May 23 in Sochi, a presentation and tasting of Armenian and Russian wines were held. The organizer and distributor of the event was the company «Julia and Co».

Guests had the opportunity to taste and get acquainted with Armenian wines from manufacturers Van Ardi, Zorah, Voskeni and Russian iconic wine Phantom. The discovery and novelty for all guests was the entire line of wines from the manufacturer Hin Areni.

Congratulations on Victory Day!

Congratulations on Victory Day! Amelia company wishes you on this solemn day – a peaceful sky over your head, health and happiness to you and your family!

Congratulations on Great Easter!

Congratulations on Easter. We wish you love, peace  and good luck in all your endeavors! Happiness and good health to your family and friends!

Congratulations on the 8th of March!

Lovely and charming our women! Congratulations on the 8th of March!

We wish you incredible luck, tremendous success, sincere smiles, magical mood and unforgettable impressions! And more good news and great events! Stay always the same compelling and stunning!

Congratulations on February 23!

On the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland, «Amelia Wine» company congratulates dear men on February 23 and wishes them a strong and loving family, a cozy home, good health – all that real defenders need. Please accept our sincere wishes for health, happiness, peace and prosperity!

The exhibition ProdExpo 2019 is over

On February 15, the largest international exhibition of the best food and beverages, «Prodexpo 2019», finished on the territory of the Expocentre in Moscow. «Amelia Wine» company presented its products at booth of 138 square meters in Pavilion No. 8

Guests could get acquainted with the best Armenian wines Hin Areni, Voskevaz, Voskeni, Keush, Koor, Jan, Takri, Alluria, Qotot, Gevorkian Winery, Maran Winery, Trinity, Old Bridge, Keush, Van Ardi, Kataro, Zorah.

Wines of Armenia caused great interest of potential buyers. The exhibitors had the opportunity not only to taste the wines, but also to attend master classes from the President of the Union Sommelier and Russian experts Arthur Sarkisyan.

Master classes at the exhibition «ProdExpo – 2019»

Dear friends, colleagues and partners!

We invite you to attend master classes from the President of the Union of Sommeliers and Russian experts Arthur Sarkisyan.

The program of master classes:

02.02.2019 13.00 – 14.00 SPARKLING WINES OF ARMENIA

02.14.2019 14.00 – 15.00 WINE MAKING IN KARASES (in Armenian clay amphoras)

As well as master classes from the chef of the restaurant «YEREVAN» Mark Epstein.

The program of master classes:

02/12/2019 13.00 – 14.00 MONINI (OLIVE OIL), LA MOLISANA (PASTA)

                       15.00 – 16.00 KUHNE (SAUCES, VEGETABLE  PRESERVATION)


                       14.00 – 15.00 FEDERICI (PASTA PRODUCTS), CIRIO (TOMATO SAUCE)

                       16.00 – 17.00 RISO SCOTTI (RICE)

02/14/2019 12.00 – 13.00 BIOITALIA (BIO PRODUCTS)

Master classes will be held at the «Expocenter»  on Krasnaya Presnya. Address: Moscow, 14, Krasnopresnenskaya emb.

Stand №82С40, pavilion №8, second level, hall №2.


Armenian wines at «ProdExpo 2019» exhibition

Dear friends, colleagues and partners!

We invite you to visit our booth at the 26th international exhibition of food products «Prodexpo 2019». Stand №82С40, pavilion №8, second level, hall №2.

The exhibition will be held from February 11 to 15, 2019 in the «Expocenter» on Krasnaya Presnya. Address: Moscow, 14, Krasnopresnenskaya emb.

We will be happy to introduce you to our range, present  new products and discuss joint plans and development prospects!

See you at our booth!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We wish you health and well-being, happiness and love, professional and personal growth! Let the coming year be for you successful, interesting and full of vivid impressions!

Best regards, New Wine Company.

Congratulations on the Victory Day!

Victory Day is a holiday that fills our hearts with pride and gratitude. It is a celebration of courage, heroism and kindness! The New Wine Company wishes you on this solemn day a peaceful sky above your head, health and happiness to you and your family!

Congratulations on Easter!

Congratulations on Easter! We wish you love, faith, and prosperity. Peace and happiness to your home, health to your family and friends! #Ameri #Federici

NWC took part in the «Sommelier Salon of the XVIII Russian Sommelier Contest»

On March 31 at the Korston Hotel Moscow, the New Wine Company took part in the salon, in the final of the annual contest of the sommelier of Russia. Guests got introduced with the best Armenian wines Hin Areni, Voskevaz, Voskeni, Keush, Koor and Jan.

#HinAreni #Koor #Voskevaz #Voskeni #Keush #Jan

Wines of Armenia at the exhibition Metro Expo 2018

The exhibition METRO EXPO 2018 was held from 21 to 23 March 2018. The guests of the exhibition got introduced with the wines of Armenia Hin Areni, Zora, Karas and Jan, as well as with the wine from the Russian producer Bla Bla.

METRO EXPO 2018 (Crocus Expo, 16 Mezhdunarodnaya str., Krasnogorsk, Moscow region)

#HinAreni #Zorah #BlaBla #Karas #Jan

The official distributor in Russia «NWС» LLC

Congratulations on the 8th of March, Dear Women!

Dear women, we congratulate you on International Women’s Day! We wish you warmth and love in your hearts, wonderful mood and good health. Be beautiful, happy, loved and charming. Congratulations!

Tasting of Armenian wines from the producer Hin Areni in the stores «Azbuka Vkusa».

On February 9, the tasting of Armenian wines from producer Hin Areni took place in the “Azbuka Vkusa” stores. Visitors had the opportunity to taste and gоt introduced with one of the brightest representatives of Armenian winemaking and discover the whole palette of unusual aromas and flavors that are inherent in Armenian wine!

Приглашаем на дегустацию Hin Areni

We invite you to taste the Armenian wine Hin Areni in supermarket «Azbuka Vkusa» on February 9 from 18.00-20.00.

We are waiting for you at the following addresses:

Moscow, Prospekt Mira, 58

Moscow, Ostrovityanova str., 2

Moscow,  Simferopol’skiy b-r., 22

Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 34

Moscow, Bol’shaya Gruzinskaya str.,  42

Moscow, Alabyana str., 7

Moscow, Bol’shaya Yakimanka str., 32

Moscow, Protochniy pereulok, 11

Moscow, Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya str., 13

Moscow Region, Krasnogorsk, Novorizhskoye shosse, 23-y kilometr,1, Unimoll Shopping Center

#hinareni ##винаармении

Wines of Armenia at the exhibition «Prodexpo-2018»

From 5 to 9 February 2018 we invite you to get introduced with the best Armenian wines Karas, Kataro, Koor, Voskevaz and Voskeni at the 25th international exhibition Prodexpo (Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya  nab., 14). The wines will be presented at the stand of the Armenian Viticulture and Winemaking Foundation in Pavilion 2, 3rd Hall, seat 23E25

#Karas #Kataro #Koor #Voskevaz #Voskeni #винаармении

The official distributor in Russia LLC «NWС».


Открытие винной страны с Артуром Саркисяном

«Opening of the wine country» – presentation of the author’s wine guides of Artur Sarkisyan «Russian Wines» and «Armenian Wines» will be held on September 27 in Marriott Royal Aurora. Tasting more than 350 samples of wines of the two countries. Exclusive master classes on Russian wines. More than 50 wine projects in Russia and Armenia. Opportunities for acquaintance and communication with winemakers.

12.00 – gathering of guests, press-conference of the Guide

13.00 – Opening of the wine country, beginning of the wine Grand Salon

14.00-17.30 – Master classes (by preliminary registration)

18.00 – End

Tickets for the event can be purchased at

Дегустация армянских вин на мероприятии «Let’s Armenia» в посольстве Армении в России

The event «Let’s Armenia» was held at the Armenian Embassy in Russia, during the presentation of the tourism industry of the country. The guests had a unique opportunity to try on Armenian national costumes (Taraz), to enjoy a concert performed by the State Jazz Orchestra of Armenia, and to taste wines from leading Armenian producers, kindly provided by «NWC» company, the official distributor of the best Armenian wines in Russia.

#karas #vanardi #koor #hinareni #oldbridge #voskevaz #voskeni

Лучшие вина Армении представят в Москве.

On September 27 in Marriott Hotel Moscow will be the premiere of the first separate edition of Artur Sarkisyan’s author Guide «Armenian Wines». During the presentation of the book, also will be the salon «Opening of the wine Armenia», the visitors of which will be able to taste the best wines of the country, many of which are presented in the «New Wine Company» portfolio.

The author’s guide «Armenian Wines» this year will be published for the first time as a separate edition. The book includes the best wines of Armenia. In addition, the Guide includes detailed descriptions and maps of the main wine-growing regions of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

The author of the Guide, the head of the Sommelier Association and the experts of Armenia, the head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia annually visits all wineries, selecting the best wines. After that, a tour of control wine tastings, bought at retail, follows to check the stability of the quality.

Traditionally, all wines included in the Guide can be tasted within the wine salon, and compare their impressions with the author’s ratings on the classic 100-point scale.

Wines from the NWC portfolio were tasted «blindly».

The presentation of a new public organization of the Sommelier Association and experts of Armenia was held in the Congress Hotel of Yerevan. The union was represented by its head, a wine expert of international level, Honored Sommelier of Russia, the author of several wine Guides Arthur Sarkisyan. He also held the first open master class in Armenia for wine market professionals on blind wine tasting. Armenia was represented at the workshop by the suppliers of the NWC.

The event was attended by more than 60 professionals of the wine market of Armenia: representatives of trading companies, restaurant business, wine boutiques. The central theme of the meeting was a «blind» tasting of six samples of wines specially selected for the master class by the head of the ASEA Arthur Sarkisyan.

With such an assessment, tasters got introduced with the wine, not knowing anything about its name and even the country of origin. Three wines from the portfolio of the New Wine Company from producers Karas, Hin Areni and Koor were able to compete «blindly» with the wines of the Old World.

«I love provocative tastings. As in many young markets, in Armenia, among people working with wine, there is a certain snobbery in relation to national winemaking. «I love Burgundy, Bordo and Chianti! We will not do the same!». We also put on the tasting very good wines of Burgundy, Bordo, Chianti Classico. And three wines from Armenia from Karas, Hin Areni and Kataro. Nobody knew what exactly was trying. And very many called it Armenian wines their favorites. I believe that we have achieved a very important goal: giving people the opportunity to trust their own opinion, to look at the wine impartially. If you want, «blindly», but «with your eyes open.» People believed in their strength, saw new opportunities for professional development. The result pleased many. First of all me as the head of the Association.»



19th August, the tasting of wines Karas, Hin Areni, Koor at the 4th music festival «Summer Jazz».

If your heart freezes from the sounds of saxophone and exciting piano transfusions or you just want to relax, the 4th Summer Jazz music festival is just for you. Here you can enjoy not only good music, but also taste the white and red wines of Karas, Hin Areni, Koor.

Date: August 19 at 7 pm «Taste through the Century»

Master class on wine tasting.

Venue: «Arthurs Village & SPA Hotel» 2017 MO, Dmitrovskoe highway, 20 km from MKAD

Open area café «Boulevard»

Territory: SPA

#ВинаАрмении #Karas #HinAreni #Koor

Армения от А до Я в «Азбуке Вкуса».

The head of the project «New Wine Company» Arthur Sarkisyan conducted a series of training seminars for specialists of the largest premium chain of supermarkets  «Azbuka Vkusa».

Cavists and procurement specialists got introduced with the history of Armenian winemaking, the main regions: Ararat plain, Aragatsotn, Vayots Dzor, and Artsakh. The best illustration of the peculiarities of terroirs and indigenous varieties of the ancient wine-making country was the tasting of the best wines of Armenia presented in the «NWC» portfolio.

More than 80 specialists of the «Azbuka Vkusa» took part in the master classes of Artur Sarkisyan. Virtually all the wines presented at the events made a vivid impression. For many cavists with a lot of experience, Armenia has become a real discovery. «Fantastic! Delight! These words can describe Armenian wines», – participants of tastings in social networks commented on their impressions.

The general summary of the team of the           «Azbuka Vkusa» best reflects in another comment: «Both white and red wines are original and interesting. We can recommend, sell and drink».


New discoveries of Armenia for Gayane’s.

Especially for the team of restaurants Gayane’s and «Panaekhali», brightly representing in their cards wines from the assortment of the «New Wine Company» held a training seminar of Artur Sarkisyan.

The head of the «New Wine Company» project, the head of the Association of Sommeliers and Experts of Armenia, the head of the Union of Sommeliers and Experts of Russia Arthur Sarkisyan introduced the sommeliers, waiters and restaurant management with the novelties of Armenian winemakers, told about the traditions of wine Armenia. Particular attention was paid to the ancient technology of wine production in amphora-karases, which is being revived now in Armenia.

The restaurants of the author’s cuisine Gayane Breyova were among the first to present the most complete assortment of the «New Wine Company» in Moscow. The best wines of Armenia logically complement and emphasize the menu, made up of traditional national dishes in modern reading.

Artur Sargsyan headed the Association of Sommeliers and Experts of Armenia.

In Armenia, the first inter-professional wine market association started. It unites the sommelier, wine merchants, experts and winemakers. The head of the project of the New Wine Company, the head of the Union of Sommeliers and Experts of Russia, the Honored Sommelier of the Russian Federation Arthur Sarkisyan became the President of the Association of Sommeliers and Experts of Armenia (ASEA). The ASEA development program was presented to the Prime Minister of Armenia Karen Karapetyan.

Arthur Sarkisyan announced the creation of ASEA in June at an event in Austria, which was attended by deputies of the national assembly of the country, wine experts and winemakers.

To date, approved the Charter of the Association, developed the symbolism and the provision of membership. The ASEA logo outlines the mountain Ararat, as a symbol of the region that has become the cradle of world winemaking.

«ASEA members can become both representatives of wine trade, wine makers, wine experts and journalists. Such inter-professional format of the Association will most effectively contribute to the development of national winemaking, » Arthur Sarkisyan said.

Among the most important tasks of the Association, the development of the profession of sommelier in Armenia, the creation of a school of sommelier Wine People Erevan on the basis of the Wine People school successfully operating for more than 10 years in Moscow. In future, ASEA will be able to apply for membership in the International Sommelier Association (IAS) and holding a world congress of sommeliers in Armenia.

ASEA will also contribute to the development of Armenia’s national winemaking, the development of standards for future appellations in winemaking regions, and the development of the domestic market of Armenian wine and the image of national winemaking in the world market.

The ASEA development program was presented by Arthur Sarkisyan at a personal meeting with the Prime Minister of Armenia Karen Karapetyan and received the approval and support of the head of the government.





Robert Parker first appreciated the Armenian wine.

Two wines of the Karas brand received the highest recognition of the wine world – the evaluation of Robert Parker. The publication of the most authoritative wine critic Wine Advocate marked the basic red wine Karas 2015 and Karas Reserve 2013.

Armenian wines for the first time in history received high praise from the world wine critic Robert Parker. In the publication Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate published points of two wines of the brand Karas.

The base red harvest blend of 2015 (Syrah 35%, Malbec 35%, Cabernet Franс 20%, Tanna 10%) received 87 points.

In the published commentary on wine, its voluminous aroma, elegance of taste, fruity and complexity with nuances of herbs and animal shades are noted.

Karas Reserve harvest of 2013 was even more highly appreciated. Blend of the best varieties of this harvest (Syrah 40%, Montepulciano 30%, Tanna 10%, Malbec 10%, Petit Verdot 10%), aged 14 months in French and Armenian oak and were awarded 90 points.

The wine is marked as complex. Complex with dominant forest berries and shades of herbs. The taste has a good structure and a balanced acidity, a juicy aftertaste. According to Wine Advocate, due to competent work with oak, wine has the potential for further aging and will improve over time.

The Robert Parker 100-point system for wine evaluation was first presented in September 1978 and has since been the benchmark for wine evaluation. Note that the 87-90 score is the base for recommendations for purchase, when evaluating young Bordeaux wines.

Уникальная дегустация вин Zorah прошла в Москве.

For the first time in the history of the Zorah brand in Moscow, a unique event was held with the participation of the head of the brand Zorik Gharibyan. The NWC company invited wine merchants and restaurateurs to a vertical tasting of Zorah wines.

The event organized by the New Wine Company with great success was held at the Maritozzo restaurant on Malaya Bronnaya. It was conducted by the head of the NWC project, the head of the Union of sommeliers and experts of Russia Arthur Sarkisyan, as well as the ideologue and owner of the Zorah brand Zorik Gharibyan.

«In 2000, I decided to produce only wines from indigenous grape varieties according to ancient technology – in amphorae-carp. We had to start everything from scratch, from experiments with clones, pruning grapes. 10 years have gone to make our first vintage. Today I am happy to announce that we are represented in the top places of 20 countries of the world. Zorah wines are ordered in Michelin restaurants in Milan and Paris, in the US, Japan and Australia», Zorik Gharibyan said.

He also talked about his Rind terroir in the Vayots Dzor region. In this region a very long vegetative cycle. Harvesting continues from the middle of October in a vineyard located 1,400 meters above sea level until November at 1,600 meters above sea level. The Vayots Dzor zone without phylloxera allowed to take grape cuttings from vines, which are more than 100 years old growing on their roots. With these ancient vines, today Yeraz wine is made.

«God blessed this land for vineyards – we have a beautiful soil with an abundance of limestone, perfectly drained» commented Zorik Gharibyan on the peculiarities of his terroir.

Winemaking of the project is supervised by Italian specialists – the enologist Alberto Antonini and the winegrower Stefano Bartolomeo. Zorah concept is the most complete report of the terroir features, so the wines are fermented only in concrete tanks, without processing the internal surface, allowing the wine to «breathe». Wines in hundred-year amphorae-carats are sustained. Only Yeraz wine is used for a short time in oak barrels, but these are large-sized bottles that are not made from inside. Tone aging does not «close» terroir shades.

Artur Sarkisyan presented at the presentation two vintage white wines Voski 2014 and 2015 – a blend of indigenous varieties Garan Dmak and Voskehat. «Voskehat gives power, volume, walnut shades. Garan Dmak – florality, floral, ringing structure», – Zorik Gharibyan characterized this blend.

Also, the tasting participants were able to follow the development of the basic wine of the Zorah Areni project, having tried the wines of 4 harvests – from 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

In the end, the guests were offered wines of Yeraz harvests in 2012 and 2013. Vintage 2013 was especially appreciated. According to Arthur Sarkisyan, this wine has a huge potential and in 10 years it would be interesting to compare it with aged Burgundy wines.

«Phantom» in the «World’s Best Wine Collection».

Wine from the assortment of the New Wine Company (NWC) was chosen for sales in the cult wine boutique of London – Hedonism Wines. The founder of the wine project positions it as «the best collection of wines in the world».

«Phantom» is the author’s project of the head of the «New Wine Company» Arthur Sarkisyan, created together with the Don «Vedernikov Winery». The concept of wine is the combination of two «phantoms», unique for the world wine-making varieties of grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, cultivated on its own roots by covering technology and the indigenous variety Krasnostop Zolotovsky, which history in the Vedernikov farm is more than 200 years old.

In Hedonism Wines the first harvest of Phantom in 2012 is presented – one of the best millezymes for Russian regions. Wine is produced only during the best years of harvest. A cap of wine is adorned with Russian tricolor. This is the first wine in Russia, using national symbols to emphasize the authenticity of origin and high quality. Its confirmation is the evaluation of the jury of the Winemakers’ Cup, held last year in Abrau-Durso. The «Phantom» won the title «The best red wine in Russia». The world-famous British wine critic Oz Clark headed the foreign expert commission.

The boutique of Hedonism Wines was founded by businessman Evgeny Chichvarkin. For several years, the store located in the business quarter of Mayfai had a huge impact on the wine market of the British capital – the most sophisticated in the world. Buying Hedonism Wines is a symbol of success. Success can also be called the purchase of «Phantom» for 59.10 pounds. In Russia this vintage is almost completely sold out and wine boutiques, often, raise the prices for this wine to 6 thousand rubles and above.

In autumn this year, the premiere of a new harvest of «Phantom» in 2014, which will also represent the «New Wine Company» on the market.

Интеллектуальный бранч с винами Армении

The New Wine Company acted as a partner of the «Intelligent Brunch» on the topic of wine tours organized by the Vartanush Grandma tour operator and the café-bar «Panaehali»!

In Moscow, in the legendary cafe-bar «Panaehali!» In Smolenka, the VII round of the author’s project of the 1st tour operator for authentic Armenia was held. Vartanush Grandma – the 1st tour operator in authentic Armenia. The theme of the brunch is wine travel – one of the most actively developing areas of modern tourism in Armenia.

Together with the brands from the portfolio of the «New Wine Company» Karas, Qotot, Van Ardi, Highland Cellars, brunch guests went to the main wine regions of the country – Ararat plain, Aragatsotn, Vayots Dzor.

The participants of the intellectual game were offered a set of gastronomic snacks from the menu of Gayane Breyova accompanied by wines from brand partners. Brunch was conducted in an incendiary manner by the founder of the Vartanush Grandma project Amalia Akopova and the owner of «Panaehali!» Gayane Breyova.


The wines of the NWC portfolio were «a couple» to the author’s brunch.

The head of the project of the New Wine Company, the head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia, appeared in a new role as a  chef. Together with the Cheese Connection cheese restaurant team, he created an author’s menu based on the dishes of Armenian cuisine in modern reading. The brunch  supplements Karas and Hin Areni wines .

On June 17 and 18, it was difficult to find a vacant table in the restaurant Cheese Connection with own dairy. The premiere of the author’s brunch Sarkisyan Connection from the head of the New Wine Company Arthur Sarkisyan was held here.

It was accompanied by the wine of Hin Areni, a winery that works with Armenian indigenous varieties in modern European style, as well as the Karas brand, which reveals the potential of European varieties in the unique terroir of the Ararat plain.

Based on the dishes and tastes of one of the oldest cuisines of the world, a menu with modern accents was developed: Zhengyalov Hats with soft goat cheese, tomato salad with mozzarela and estragon, sorrel soup with estragon and egg.

Excellent addition to the traditional dish Tolma was a tender burrata. The taste of the dish was most fully revealed, accompanied by red wine Hin Areni with a dominant Areni variety in the blend.

The real hit of the brunch was «Ara Burger», the special piquancy was given by the Armenian basturma. Perfectly emphasized this plentiful meat dish red wine Karas, in which European varieties complement the powerful endemic variety Кhndoghni from Artsakh.

The dessert of Halumi with jam from white cherry, walnut or apricot is a worthy completion of the brunch. In a couple of it was offered ice sparkling semi-sweet wine from Muscat Ottonel – Karas Dyutich.


Armenian wines win new awards in Europe.

The whole collection of awards was collected by the Armenian wines presented in the portfolio of the «New Wine Company» at the prestigious international tasting competitions. The main victory was won by the wine Kataro, which won the Grand Prix of the wine contest Mondiale De Bruxelles.

Modern wines of Armenia continue to conquer with their clean, bright style of judges of international wine contests.

At one of the oldest wine contests in Eastern Europe – The International Wine Contest Buchares (IWCB ROMANIA), two wines of the Karas brand were awarded gold medals. Awards of the highest standard were received by Karas reserve wine of 2013 and the base red blend of Karas in 2015 harvest. IWCB ROMANIA is held under the patronage of the World Organization of Grape and Wine OIV. The jury includes the holders of the title of Master of Wine.

Another high award the brand Karas was awarded in London. Red wine Karas received a silver medal of the largest UK competition, organized by the legendary magazine Decanter. The tasting commission is headed by one of the most authoritative wine critics of the world – Stephen Spurje.

Another English competition – Sommelier Wine Awards noted the high level of  authorial wine of Varuzhan Muradyan – Areni Kakhet Haghtanak 2015 harvest. Judges of the contest are buyers of United Kingdom retail chains, sommeliers of famous restaurants. This award is a high mark, opening the doors to the best institutions of one of the main wine markets of the world. The chairman of the jury Sam Caporn, the owner of the title of Master of Wine, especially noted the bright pure style of wine from Van Ardi.

The main award of this season was the wine Kataro 2015. Wine from Artsakh from the Avetissyan family was awarded the Grand Gold Medal of the 24th annual international competition Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. This is the only competition in the world that changes the venue every year, drawing attention to the perspective wine regions. This year it was held in the city of Valladolid, Spain.

The competition has one of the most representative juries in the world – 320 tasters, including Masters of Wine, sommeliers, enologists and wine journalists, evaluated 9,080 wines from 50 countries.

Grand Gold Medal – the highest award of the competition, awarded to wines of outstanding quality. This is the first such award in the history of modern winemaking in Armenia.

All winning wines are presented in the portfolio of the «New Wine Company» and they can be purchased on the territory of Russia.

Moscow sommelier learned more about Armenian wines.

The wines from the portfolio of the New Wine Company aroused great interest of the event specially organized by Arthur Sarkisyan for the Moscow Sommelier Association. The lecture on regions, grape varieties and wineries was supplemented with samples of the best wines of Armenia.

The Moscow Sommelier Association was established in 2016 to develop the sommelier profession in the Russian capital. During the Association’s program, the best Russian and foreign wine experts conduct lectures and training seminars.

Thanks to the event organized by the head of the New Wine Company Arthur Sarkisyan, the sommelier of Moscow was able to be introduced with the main wine growing regions of Armenia – Vayots Dzor, Ararat plain, Aragatsotn, and Artsakh.

As part of the tasting, the sommelier was given a unique opportunity to be introduced with the main indigenous varieties of Armenian grapes. The white Voskehat variety was presented in a variety of styles – from light and easy-drinking «summer» wine to aged in clay amphora -karases and classic sparkling.  The multifaced red variety Areni appeared before the participants in a subtle style reminiscent of the classical Burgundy, and in a vivid version – a rare even in Armenia itself, aged in oak, the 2009 harvest wine.

The participants of the tasting could also be introduced with the manifestation of the Armenian terroir in wines from the European grape varieties from the Karas brand.

Special interest of the participants was caused by the novelty of the New Wine Company – the wine of the author’s project of the enologist from the southern Rhone, Didier Cornillon under the Qotot brand.

In total, about 20 samples from 9 farms were presented at the tasting: Hin Areni, Voskeni, Zorah, Karas, Old Bridge, Keush, Van Ardi, Voskevaz, Qotot, Kataro.

May mosaic. Wine tastings in restaurants in Moscow.

On the upcoming summer season, the New Wine Company conducted a series of Armenian wine tastings  in restaurants in Moscow. The head of the NWC project, the head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia demonstrated the gastronomy of Armenia’s wines and the potential for their combinations with a variety of dishes in clear and unusual examples.

The May series of wine tastings from the portfolio of the New Wine Company opened the master class of Arthur Sarkisyan in the creative burger Ketch Up on the Kuznetskiy Most. Participants of the tasting were offered 12 wines from the NWC range – vivid, understandable to the youth audience of the restaurant chain of wine from wineries Van Ardi, Hin Areni, Voskeni, Karas. Particular interest was the wine Kataro from the rare, typical of the Artsakh region, the variety of Khndoghni. The «classic» sparkling Keush became a «bonus» for the participants of the tasting.

The Ketch Up Burgers network includes 6 restaurants in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don. In the menu you can find positions such as VIP shaverma or Russian Burger with lamb.

No less interesting tasting was held in the cheese restaurant Chees Connection.

The restaurant specializes in cheese dishes made on its own cheese plant, the main of which is the soft burata. To various cheese dishes Arthur Sarkisyan offered Armenian wines created in European style – Karas from Michel Rolland and Hin Areni from Didier Cornillon. The highlight of the event was again the wine Kataro from Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as the highest-mountainous classical sparkling – Keush.

The purpose of the NWC program to promote Armenian wines in restaurants of different styles is to demonstrate the diversity and culinary potential of modern Armenian wines, the possibilities of which are far from being limited to Armenian national cuisine.




Partners of the New Wine Company took part in Yerevan Wine Days

Yerevan hosted the first urban wine festival Yerevan Wine Days. The event was attended by several thousand wine lovers from different countries. Particular interest were the wines, which in Russia is represented by the «New Wine Company».

For two days in the capital of Armenia it was possible to be introduced with all the variety of modern winemaking of the country. Participation in the festival, held on the «wine street» Saryan, where there are many enotec and wine restaurants, took more than 30 wineries.

It was especially crowded near the stands of the wine-suppliers of the «New Wine Company». Hin Areni, who for the first time presented rose wine from Areni, Highland Сellars with her premiere of reserve wine Koor, a new project Qotot and its line of red, white and rose wine, Voskeni , Preparing for the release of a new reserve line Sardarapati. Great interest was traditionally caused by the wines of the author’s Van Ardi project, the «karases» wines of the Voskevaz project, the Kataro wines from the red grade Khndoghni and many other samples.

In the near future, many new items presented by wineries at the festival will add to the assortment of the «New Wine Company».



Michel Rolland completed work on a new vintage Karas.

The most famous «flying winemaker» of the world – Michel Rolland visited Armenia at the invitation of the Karas brand to complete preparations for the launch of the next vintage project. In the near future, the premiere of the new wine Grand Karas, created by the world enology, will take place.

Michel Rolland has been cooperating with the Karas project for more than five years. Winemakers from the French oenologist’s team control the main stages of production. The master himself visits the production every spring and personally composes the blends.

In honor of Michel Rolland, Karas brand hosted a reception in Yerevan, where the world famous oenologist shared his views on the future of wine in Armenia. «It’s more interesting to work in Armenia than in Bordeaux, where everything is clear. There are challenges that need to be overcome. The potential of this country has not yet been fully revealed, but a beautiful future awaits it in the winemaking industry», – Michel Rolland said in an interview with Armenpress.

Also, Michel Rolland visited the oldest winery in the Areni-1 cave of the Vayots Dzor region, which is more than 6 100 years old.

In 2017, Karas brand will present on the market aged red wine of a new level – Grand Karas, created by Michel Rolland. In Russia, the wine Karas exclusively represents the «New Wine Company».

NWC startes selling authorial wines Qotot

“New Wine Company” has  restocked its range of  authorial wines of Didier Cornillon,  the French oenologist from the Rhone Valley. Wines under the Qotot brand are produced in the Areni region from two main  indigenous varieties of Armenia – Areni Noir and Voskehat.
The Qotot project was found by the oenologist Didier Cornillon and his two Armenian partners to uncover the potential of  indigenous grapes from the Vayots Dzor region.  Keeping singularity  inherent in Armenian wines from grapes on their roots, Didier gives an opportunity to look at them in a new way in the style of southern France.
“My  introduction with the winemaking of Armenia started with a fluke ,” says Didier Cornillon. “On Discovery Channel, I saw a story about the world’s oldest winery, found in the cave of Areni. After that I decided that I should see it with my own eyes and,  coming to Armenia, was impressed by the terroir of Vayots Dzor, its vineyards on their roots. ”
Didier Cornillon started his work in Armenia as a consultant enologist inHin Areni. On this modern winery, located directly in the village of Areni near the vineyard, Didier now produces his own authorial  wines. Here there is all the necessary equipment for working with grapes in French stylistics – modern crushers and presses for soft pressing of pulp, temperature control systems, stainless steel tanks. For reserve red wines, it is planned to use French oak.
The project works with grapes, which is purchased in the Vayots Dzor region, on the farm of Hin Areni. Vineyards are located  about 1,200 meters above sea level on two plateaus above the valley of the Arpa River. The soil in the vineyards is poor, stony, with a high proportion of limestone, with the presence of volcanic rocks.
The vineyard is laid by modern canons with a density of planting about 3 thousand bushes per hectare. Yields are maintained at a level of no more than 70 hwt / ha for red varieties and not more than 90 hwt / ha for white varieties. The average age of the vines is about 10 years. The project works with two main  in grape varieties – Areni Noir and Voskehat. The age of the vines  from 9 to 12 years.
In the assortment of Qotot brand three wines: red and pink from Areni  Black and white from Voskehat. Stylistics of the project  reminds the wines of southern France. All samples (including pink wine) have a density, complexity, richness of flavor and taste. At the same time, the wines are perfectly balanced – there is not a hint of gravity in the taste. All Qotot samples are interesting both  on its own and in various gastronomic combinations.
The sommelier of Moscow and St. Petersburg could already be convinced of this at the events held in two capitals by the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia Arthur Sarkisyan.

Armenians wines from NWC portfolio have made a furor at the tasting contest in Krasnodar.

8 wines of Armenia from the portfolio of the “New Wine Company” received high awards of the International tasting contest “South Russia”, which ended on April 24 in Krasnodar. The greatest impression on judges, among which were experts from France, Australia, Bulgaria, Russia.

The contest “South Russia” was held in Krasnodar within the framework of the largest specialized Russian wine exhibition “Vinorus”. In total, more than 270 samples from Russia, Armenia, Bulgaria, France, Moldova, Abkhazia were submitted for the competition.

Jury were international judges Brett Crittenden (Australia), Michel Garnero (France), Nicoletta Dikova (Bulgaria), leading wine experts and journalists of Russia.

The competition is held according to the standards of the World Organization of Grape and Wine (OIV). Wines are  scored on a 100-point scale by three commissions of experts. This year, the VINORUS Exhibition, within the framework of which the contest was held, was visited by the President of the OIV, Mrs. Monica Christman, who appreciated the growth of the quality of wines in the post-Soviet space.

Armenians wines from the NWC portfolio were awarded a whole collection of awards following the results of the competition. 8 medals were awarded to the judges of the best samples of national winemaking. At the same time, according to OIV standards, the awards at the competition can be received for more than 30% of the submitted wines.

As  often  at international competitions, the jury’s high judgments have been made by wines made in accordance with the trends of world enology by wine consultants from Europe and the New World. Gold medals were awarded to red wines Karas and Karas Reserve, white Karas wine, and red wine Outot from Areni  Black from the French oenologist Didier Cornillon was also awarded with “gold”. Silver medals were awarded to the red wines of Van Ardi, Voskeni, Zorah from the  indigenous varieties of Armenian grapes.

A bronze medal was a sparkling wine from Muscat Ottonel from the Karas brand.

The experts of the jury of the tasting contest especially noted the overall high level of Armenia’s wines, the professionalism of the oenologists and the uniqueness of the indigenous grapes.


The sommeliers of St. Petersburg got introduced with the variety of Armenian wine

The Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia  Arthur Sarkisyan for the St. Petersburg Association of Sommeliers held a large-scale tasting of samples of modern winemaking in Armenia.
More than 20 samples of Armenian wines were presented at the tasting, specially organized at the invitation of the St. Petersburg Sommelier Association. Artur Sarkisyan, the head of the SSER and the head of the «New Wine Company» project, presented the diversity of the country’s modern winemaking – from democratic samples of sparkling redwines to the top red wine  aging in French oak. From international varieties, which are grown in some farms of Armenia on their roots – to indigenous varieties.
More than 20 sommeliers of the best restaurants of Petersburg, including champions of Russia of different years Alexander Rassadkin and Leonid Sternik took part in the tasting.
“Petersburg has always been distinguished by a high level of development of the sommelier profession, attention to everything new, promising in world winemaking. It was interesting to present such a multifaceted topic as the wines of Armenia to interesting and professional audience “- said Arthur Sarkisyan.
In turn, the St. Petersburg Sommelier Association noted the high level of tasting: “Arthur picked up a wonderful collection of wines and demonstrated how Armenia reached a rather high level of winemaking within the shortest possible time. It is noteworthy that most of the wines (and we tried them more than 20) are made from indigenous  varieties, among which the white Voskehat and red Areni Noir are especially prominent. PAS expresses gratitude to Arthur Sarkisyan for the seminar and hopes that the Armenian wines will  adorn the wine cards of not only the restaurants of the Armenian cuisine, but also many others. “

Wines of Armenia conquered the exhibition “Metro Expo 2017”

Armenian wines from the portfolio of the “New Wine Company” were presented within the framework of the VII Professional exhibition, organized for their clients by METRO Cash & Carry for their professional clients in the Crocus Expo. For three days of the exhibition, it was visited by more than 20 thousand people, as part of the business program, masterclasses and seminars on restaurant and wine business, the All-Russian Open Culinary Championship and the contest of cavists took place. The exhibition was visited by high guests from the Government of Russia – the first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov and Vice-Premier Arkadiy Dvorkovich.
The “New Wine Company” was presented at the tasting stand as part of the event, where the guests of the exhibition could get introduced with the 8th samples of modern winemaking in Armenia.
The format of the exhibition includes introduction  of visitors with wines presented in the hypermarkets METRO Cash and Carry. From the assortment of the “New Wine Company” they are Hin Areni wines, basic white and red wines Karas, sparkling brut and Dyutich brand Karas, as well as Voskeni wines.
The Armenian wines caused great interest of potential buyers. Participants of the exhibition had an opportunity not only to taste the wine, but also to place an order for delivery directly at the “Metro Expo”.

Armenian wines at the «Metro Expo 2017»

We invite you to visit the “Metro Expo 2017” and to introduce with the wonderful Armenian wines Karas, Hin Areni and Voskeni.
4, 5 and 6 of April from 10.00 to 18.00 in the Crocus Expo, Pavilion 3, Halls 14 and 15.
See you at the Metro Expo!
#karas #hinareni #voskeni

Enjoy Armenia at VDNKh with Kataro wines

In the pavilion “Armenia” at VDNKh was held  an event dedicated to the culture, traditions and feast of this ancient country. The partner of the event was the “New Wine Company” with the Kataro brand, presenting the wine of the Artsakh region to the guests of the event.

At the event with the poetic title “Armenia is my seventh sense” it was possible to taste the national drinks, to become a participant in the master class for cooking Armenian dishes and desserts. Espessaly for this event 450 kg of national products were delivered from Armenia. The best accompaniment for Armenian cuisine was the wine Kataro from the  indigenous varieties of grapes of Armenia and Artsakh. Of particular interest was the red wine from the endemic variety of Khndoghni from Artsakh, which Domaine Avetissyan is successfully working with.

The guests of the event were able to receive the comments on Armenian winemaking and Kataro’s wine, from the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia, the head of the “New Wine Company” – Artur Sarkisyan.

Wine Map about Armenia: Old – New World?

The newspaper “Wine Card” published an interview with the head of the project “New Wine Company” Artur Sarkisyan, dedicated to the development of modern winemaking in Armenia.

In an interview with a respected wine publication, Arthur Sarkisyan talked about the main regions of viticulture and winemaking, the most significant  indigenous grape varieties, the trends of wine stylistics of Armenia.

“Armenia gives a huge freedom of creativity. The basis is unique terroirs and indigenous varieties. Most oenologists are now actively searching for their own style on Armenian soil. Even one wine producer can have in European and in the New World stylistics. In “blind” tastings, modern Armenian wines are often compared to the wines of Southern Europe, or the New World, “said Arthur Sarkisyan.

As examples of democratic wines from which you can begin to be introduced  with Armenian winemaking, the expert cited samples of Hin Areni and Karas farms.

“In the world a huge number of wines are made from the common varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc. But Armenian varieties are unique. It is important that Armenia is one of not many countries that has preserved pre-phylloxera vineyards. In the wines that are produced there, there is insane energy. All this attracts the luminaries of world enology. The French, Argentines, Italians are already going to Armenia for original wines. Where else in the neighborhood can work Michel Rolland, Paul Hobbs and Alberto Antonini? The wines of Armenia bear the imprint of the skill of the oenologists, they are original and clearly show their character, the character of the terroir, the nature of the country itself and its ancient culture, “Arthur Sarkisyan answered the question:” Should I drink Armenian wines? “

Vineyards partners of the NWC conquered the Prowien exhibition

Practically all brands, whose wines are included in the “New Wine Company” portfolio  participated in the largest international exhibition Prowien-2017 in Dusseldorf. During  several days of the exhibition, the national stand of Armenia was visited by thousands of professionals from all over the world.

Prowien  is rightfully considered the most authoritative international forum. In 2017 nearly 6,000 companies from 59 countries were presented at the exhibition. The exhibition was visited by more than 60 thousand professionals of the wine market –  negotiates, sommeliers, buyers of trade chains, journalists and bloggers.

Armenia was represented at the exhibition by 12  best vineyards. The organizer of the national stand was the Vin and Wine Foundation.

At the stand the best wines of Armenia were represented by winemakers  and managers of wine projects – partners of the “New Wine Company”. Varuzhan Muradyan (Van Ardi), Armen Khalatyan (Old Bridge), Ararat Mkrtchyan (Voskeni), Zori Mkrtchyan (Koor), Hovakim Saghatelyan (Triniti Canyon), Vahe Keushgerian (Keush), Grigory Avetisyan (Kataro), Gabriel Rohel (Karas), David Oganesyan (Voskevaz), Avag Harutyunyan (Maran Winery) and others.

In the special degustation zone, the visitors were introduced  with the best wines of Armenia, which won the Mundus Vini contest awards. Wines from endemic varieties of Armenian grapes attracted special attention.

The best wines of Armenia for «Khoroshie restaurants»

The «New Wine Company» plans to begin deliveries of Armenian wines to one of the largest restaurant chains in Rostov – «Khoroshie restaurants». Especially for the sommelier of this  chain, the presentation of the Armenian wines  was conducted by the head of the NWC project, the head of the Union of sommeliers and experts of Russia Arthur Sarkisyan.

The chain «Khoroshie restaurants» includes seven creative and popular restaurant projects of Rostov, such as well-known «Famous», «Onegin Dacha», «Mezonin» and others.

Especially for the sommeliers’ of the chain, Arthur Sarkisyan and chef-sommelier of  «Khoroshie restaurants» Donior Mukhammadiev organized an extensive tasting of the best Armenian wines. The event was held in the wine boutique «LEO Wine & Kitchen».

“We, perhaps, for the first time prepared such a huge set of Armenian wines. It was included not only the top examples of all our key partners. We were able to compare different vintages of Karas Reserve or Old Bridge. The experience turned out to be very interesting and allowed to show Armenian winemaking in the dynamics of its fast positive changes. In the wine regions of the country each year is quite different from the previous by climate and accordingly the character of the wines changes, the producers  are in search, offering a new look at their already well-known brands. An excursion into the history and winemaking of Armenia made a great impression on the gathered professionals”, said Arthur Sarkisyan.

Wines from suppliers such as Karas, Voskeni, VanArdi, Zorah, Koor, Kataro, OldBridge, Voskevaz, HinAreni was presented at the tasting.

A number of positions presented on the tasting  are planning to include into the wine menuof «Khoroshie restaurants».

Wines of NWC by restaurateurs from 40 regions of Russia

The «New Wine Company» introduced wines from its portfolio at the Sochi forum for restaurateurs, which was organized by the leader of the HoReCa market in the field of tea and coffee deliveries, by Teaco. More than 600 participants of the Forum were introduced  with Russian and Armenian wines from the NWC. Master classes of Armenian wines were hold by Artur Sarkisyan, the head of the NWC project.

The First All-Russian Tea and Coffee Forum in Sochi gathered key restaurateurs, leaders, forming the development trends and trends of the restaurant market in their regions. Special guests of the Forum were representatives of Ginza Project, Novikov Group, Maison Dellos and a number of significant restaurants. The event was held at the Radisson Blu Paradise.

For three days, the community of restaurateurs from 40 Russian regions discussed ready-made solutions for restaurants, cafes and catering, shared cases and developments, listened  reports of 15 professionals in the HoReCa field.

The wine direction at the Forum was presented by the head of the Union of sommeliers and experts of Russia, head of the NWC Arthur Sarkisyan.

“The event was held at a remarkably high level, everything was thought over to the last detail. At the Forum there was a very friendly, creative atmosphere of live communication. It was very pleasant to represent in this situation the best wines of Armenia and a number of interesting projects of Russian winemaking. We have tried to present all the best that NWC company has collected – small-circulation author’s wines – Van Ardi, the top positions of the Karas brand, the exclusive harvest of the 2009 Old Bridge and much more. I am sure that during these days it was possible to attract the attention of many people from the restaurant business to the high level of Armenian wines», – said Arthur Sarkisyan.

On the Armenian wines master-class was presented an extended version of presentation materials covering the wine geography and the history of wine making in Armenia, the stylistics of the best wineries. The program of the Forum was closed with a gala dinner, at which the Forum participants could be introduced with the wines of the NWC in an informal atmosphere.

The future of Armenian winemaking is – expensive and quality wines

In an interview with the news agency Armenpress, the head of the “New Wine Company”, the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia Arthur Sarkisyan told about his meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of Armenia, perspectives of national winemaking and development of the brand “Wine of Armenia” in the world market.

Last year the experience of the “New Wine Company”, which made a significant contribution to the development of wine imports from Armenia to Russia, offering only high-level wines, can become an example for the whole wine market of Armenia.

“Now it is a unique moment in the history of Armenian winemaking. The country has always been perceived as a brandy producer. Armenia has a “zero” image in the winemaking field. At the same time there are unique advantages, like the endemic grape types, old vines on their roots, which are almost all over the world, high-altitude terroirs, the tradition of winemaking for more than 6 thousand years. There are a number of international wine projects. These are wines which amaze people during the first try. “What’s this, Armenia?” – a question that I hear almost at every tasting in Russia. The same “wow effect” can be seen on any tasting in the world.

If this potential is correctly realized now, Armenia will follow the path of Austria, which for 30 years has turned from a wine country of the “third world” into a supplier of high quality wines at a considerable price. If we miss the moment, a low-quality wine stream will flow out of Armenia, the image of the country will be forever ruined”, – said Arthur Sarkisyan.

Full text  is available in Armenia and Russia:

Wines from the NWC portfolio won 12 Mundus Vini awards

Armenian wines presented in the portfolio of the “New Wine Company” won 6 gold and 6 silver medals at the international degustation contest Mundus Vini (Germany). In total winemakers of Armenia took home 23 high awards of prestigious international competition.

The leader in terms of the number of gold awards was the Van Ardi family winery from the Aragatsotn region. The three wines of 2015 harvest performed by Varuzhan Muradyan were highly appreciated by the judges: Van Ardi Areni, Kakhet, Haghtanak, Van Ardi Areni Reserve, Van Ardi Syrah Reserve.

“Gold” also received the Karas Winemakers Selection Blend of the 2013 harvest created by Michel Rolland; Areni from the farm of Old Bridge Armen Khalatyan and Voskehat Karasi Collection winemaker Alexei Sapsai from the winery Voskevaz.

Silver medals of the jury were the white and red blends of the year 2015 brand Karas, white wine and red from the project Koor reserve version of the brand of Khndoghni (Sireni) winery Kataro, as well as wine from the “karas” series of the winery Voskevaz from Haghtanak.

The wines of the Triniti Canyon, ArmAs, Armenia Wine projects also received high appriciation.

In total, 6,200 wines from 44 countries were represented at the competition, which were evaluated by a large jury of 200 experts.

The Mundus Vini competition is one of the most important winemaking competitions in the world and takes place in Germany, preceded by the largest exhibition in Europe by the number of exhibited countries – Prowein (Dusseldorf).

In the final press release of the contest, Armenia was named one of the countries that impressed the organizers with the growth of the quality level of the wines.

NWC begins sales in Russia of the best wines from winery “Voskevaz”

“New Wine Company” starts sales in Russia, the top positions of the line Voskevaz Winery. Project Manager NWC, the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of RussiaArtur Sarkisyan selected the most interesting wines that reflect the modern style “Voskevaz”.

At first, has to be noticed the top of “karas wines” range, created by the head of Voskevaz David Hovhannisyan and oenologist of the project Alexey Sapsai. “Voskevaz” is one of the few modern wineries of Armenia, representing on the wine market, fermented and aged in traditional clay amphora – karases. For this project, the ancient karases were found in the small highland villages. They were painstakingly restored and returned in the winemaking cycle. The oldest karases of “Voskevaz” is dated to the last decades of the last century. For aging wines of the top range uses the tun of the Armenian oak.

The collection includes samples of the traditional indigenous varieties of Armenia Areni Black and Voskehat, as well as traditional varieties Hakhtanak.

Also “New Wine Company” will sell in Russia wine “Vanakan” — a unique blend of Alexei Sapsay from grapes of Black Areni, Kakhet and Haghtanak.

The project “Voskevaz” develops on the basis of the old winery, located not far from Yerevan. The project also intensively developing tourism. Guests of “Voskevaz” can take in the atmosphere of fairy-tale town with its town hall, the market and, of course, the winery.

New Millesim Karas Reserve in the range of the “New Wine Company”

The “New Wine Company” represents in Moscow a new millesize of one of the best wines of modern Armenia – Karas Reserve 2013. Every year the output of this wine of a new crop becomes a real event, as the individual blend for him personally is made by the master of world enology Michel Rolland. Connoisseurs of wine can compare the style of 2013 with 2012, which is also presented in a limited quality in the range of NWC. The style and potential of the wine is assessed by the head of the NWC project, the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of RussiaArthur Sarkisyan.

In the range of the Karas brand, the reserve version of the red blend takes a special place. This wine is an experiment, one of the best reflections of the creative work of modern winemaking in Armenia. No wonder his label says: Winemaker’s Selection Blend. Each vintage differs from the previous one by a selection of varieties chosen by the winemaker. And Winemaker in this case is the main consultant of the project, the master of world enology Michel Rolland.

The choice of the maestro is great enough. Karas brand has more than 400 hectares of vineyards laid by 23 varieties and located more than 1000-1100 m above sea level in the Armavir region on the Ararat valley. We have already dwelt in sufficient detail on the difficult climatic conditions of this hot region, where, with due care, the “new light” thermophilic varieties feel great.
The best grapes of each vintage are collected in boxes of 20 kg, passes a strict double selection on vibrating tables and cold maceration for 5 days.

Vinify and aging each variety separately in barrels of Armenian or French oak for over a year. Then Michel Rolland personally selects the best barrels and “collects” his blends from a variety of variations of    flavor and taste . In total, the wine spends 14 months in oak and for another year is additionally bottled before selling. Karas Reserve-2013 went on sale only before the New Year holidays, and 2012 harvest year is now very difficult to find even in Armenia .

For the reserve version of the 2012 Karas, Michel Rolland selected Sira, Ancelotta, Montepulciano and Petit Verdot. In the range of the 2013 crop blend, Ancelotta replaced Malbec. In addition, Michel Rolland added Tannat to the blend . The result – “national stars team of the Old and New World”: with the dominant of Syrah and Montepulciano  Petit Verdot, Malbec and Tannat plays  harmoniously and beautifully.

The wine has a bright ruby-cherry color. The  bouquet deserves at least an hour for detail introduction. Bright colors of ripe black berries with shades of dogwood and pomegranate, gradually noble shades of aging, chocolate, vanilla tones, light santal notes and a rich range of spices.

The taste is powerful, much more dense than in the previous vintage. 14.5% of alcohol is affected, perfectly integrated, thanks to the excellent balance of tannins and acidity. In the taste there are continued berry tones and shades of aging. Aftertaste long enough, spicy.

At the same time, wine is ready for use right now and guarantees maximum positive for any style of use. It will be great to drink pur eor  with a wide choice of dishes – from cold meat snacks to game and meat with complex sauces. The feed at a temperature of 15-16 C. Decanters – “by taste”, depending on the availability of time and desire to get introduced with the wine in the process of its disclosure in the glass.

Vayots Dzor region has the potential of new Burgundy

In an interview with the news Agency Sputnik project Manager of “New Wine Company” the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of RussiaArtur Sarkisyan talked about the potential of winemaking in Armenia, highlighting the role of Vayots Dzor region, the homeland of many indigenous grape varieties. Assessment of Arthur Sarkisyan, this wine region can become a New Burgundy for the world wine market.

In an interview with Arthur Sarkisyan also discussed issues related to the development of Armenia’s image as a wine country, structure and culture of alcohol consumption on the national market, the problems of promotion of the best wines of Armenia in Russia.

Was announced plans to open Association of national sommelier in Armenia, trainings for the HoReCa sector.

The most interesting wines of the region Vayots Dzor from projects Koor, Old Bridge, Zorah Wines, Hin Areni, Maran, Keush, Triniti Canyon today are presented in the portfolio of “New Wine Company.”

Full text  is available in Armenia and Russia:

Wine premieres from the suppliers of NWC at the “Prodexpo-2017”

Several wineries-suppliers of “New Wine Company” presented their wines at the Anniversary 25th International exhibition “Prodexpo” held in Moscow in February of this year. The wine projects had introduced exclusive new items, many of which are difficult to find in Armenia.

On the stand, organized by “Prodexpo” with the support of the Vin and Wine Foundation of Armenia, was presented 5 projects from the portfolio of “New Wine Company”: Karas, Keush, Kataro, Koor and Voskeni. Each of the wineries prepared their premieres for the exhibition.

Participants of the exhibition, for the first-time could be introduced reserve blend from Koor (50/50 Areni Black and Khndoghni) and the newly released basic wines of the draft harvest 2015.

Grigory Avetisyan, the head of the project Kataro brought to Moscow wine Sireni (backup version of the basic wine varieties Khndoghni aged in Karabakh oak tun). In addition, on the stand you could be intruduced with the wines of the new harvest from the brand Kataro who have yet to appear on the market.

Winery Voskeni presented in Moscow prerelease wine, 100% Areni “Sardarapat” (24 months in French oak) and 100% of Voskehat, aged 6 months in Karabakh oak.

Also on the stand you can be introduced with the top wine Karas 2013 Reserve blend  composed by Michel Rolland. Sales of this wines has recently been initiated by ” New Wine Company”. At the national stand of Armenia presented the main line of Karas, including two sparkling wines.

Lovers of “classic” sparkling wines especially noticed the high-mountain classic wine in the world and the first “classic” in Armenia – Keush of two indigenous varieties of grape – Khatun Kharji and Voskehat.

In the nearest future the most interesting wines, presented by a national stand of Armenia at “Prodexpo” will join the range of “New Wine Company.”

Opening of the Armenia in Wine Business club

The theme of the next meeting of the Wine Business Club of the business newspaper “Yug” in Krasnodar became “Opening of Armenia”. Event for business sphere of the Kuban capital was held by the head of the project “New Wine Company”, Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia Artur Sarkisyan.

Wine Business club “Business South” has been running for several years. The first meeting of 2017 became the 53rd in history. The event was held at one of the most prestigious place of the Krasnodar – in the pent-house Business center “Emerald” in the center of the city.

For tasting “the Opening of Armenia” the honored sommelier of Russia Artur Sarkisyan chose 7 wines from the portfolio “New Wine Company” that fully reflects the national style of modern winemaking.

Besides the authorial small-circulation white wine Van Ardi of Varuzhan Muradyan, a local variety Kangun, the guests got intruduced with two indigenous varieties in the French style, created by oenologist Didier Corneliano on one of the largest wineries in the region of Vayots Dzor – Hin Areni: Voskehat of white dry and red dry varieties of Areni.

Continued intruduction with the indigenous varieties  of Armenia- Kataro wine from the region of Nagorno-Karabakh (winemaker – Grigory Avetisyan, oenologist-consultant – Arman Manukyan  from SeminaConsulting). In addition, members of the Business club were able to get introduced with wines from international grape varieties, above which operates in Armenia the most authoritative oenologist and consultant of planet, Michel Rolland. Krasnodar businessmen, journalists and sommeliers were presented with 3 samples of the Karas brand: sparkling Brut 2014,  red and white blend harvest of 2015.

Tasting was accompanied by traditional Armenian cuisine and national music. At the end of the evening everyone could take part in an autograph session and could got  merged guide “Russian wine” and “Wines of Armenia” from the hands of the author.

All samples submitted for tasting are already available in “Tabris” and “Alcotec”, chain in Krasnodar.

Armenian wines at Prodexpo 2017

From 6 to 10th of February, 2017 we invite you to be introduced with the best Armenian wines Karas, Kataro, Keush, Koor and Voskeni on the 24-th international exhibition Prodexpo (Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 14). Wines will be presented at the stand of the Vin and Wine Foundation of Armenia in pavilion 5, in the second room, place 52B60.

Official distributor in Russia is OOO “NWC”.

#karas #kataro #keush #voskeni #koor

The best wines of Armenia will be marked with a special sign

A number of wines from New wine company, undergone a rigorous selection and included in the author’s Guide Arthur Sargsyan will be marked with a special sign “Selection Guide”. The signs are divided into three categories, in accordance with the obtained grades.

The wines scored from 82 to 85 points in the international 100-point scale adopted by the OIV (the world organization of vine and wine), get silver samples, estimated 86-89 points – the “gold” sign. The best wines of Armenia, who scored more than 90 points in the Guide will be marked with the Grand Prix.

The first wine of Armenia, the label which will be placed sign the Grand Prix, the reserve will be Carp (selection Winemaker’s blend), the blend of which was personally compiled by the most respected flying winemaker in the world, Michel Rolland.

The signs are made by sophisticated technology with the use of printing equipment (12-colorful car made in the USA) in the printing “Aurora Print”, which is the Partner of the author’s wine Guide. Holographic effects, special embossing process provides a high degree of protection of the marks against forgery. In addition, as an additional protection degree each of the characters will have a unique number.

The purpose of placing the characters “Selection Guide” on wine labels is to attract the attention of consumers and the professional community of wine merchants and sommeliers to the best wines of Armenia.

Karas reserve with the Sign of the Grand Prix on the label will be presented in the areas of sales of the top wines around the world.

Leading Russian blogger, told about the Modern wine industry of Armenia

Denis Rudenko, a leading wine blogger (“Daily wine Telegraph”), teacher and popularizer of wine prepared a huge lecture about the history, climate special aspects, grape varieties and modern winemaking in Armenia. Illustration for the lecture were wines, most of which are already presented in the portfolio of «New Wine Company».

Material for the lecture were collected during an international tour of journalists of Armenia organized by the Armenia development Fund (DFA). Assistance in the preparation of the Russian delegation DFA had a «New Wine Company». In addition, the author uses a number of resource materials “Wines of Armenia”.

The first lecture was presented at the meeting of the club, “750 ml”, which is the leading Denis Rudenko and further materials were placed by the author for public inspection:

As noted by Denis Rudenko in the introductory part of his lecture “the Modern wine industry of Armenia is the history of the last 10 years, when at the expense of local investors and of many wealthy people of their Diaspora in many parts of the country begining building a new, modern winery, landing carefully cultivated vineyards of the ancient Armenian and international grape varieties, opening a school for training young agronomists and future winemakers all aspects of the profession. On the shelves of wine shops began to appear a new wine — pure, intense, rich aromas and at the same time quite distinctive”.

Old Bridge. Legendary name of winemaking in Armenia. Now in Russia.

New wine company presented on the Russian market of wine “boutique” farms of the mountainous region of Vayots Dzor – Old Bridge.

The development of the author’s project, one of the first in modern Armenia around 20 years of experience in the owner Armen Khalatyan. The vineyards are located in the valley of the river ARPA on several slopes with different soil types. Height over sea level of about 1 200 metres. The main varieties of the farm are Areni Black and red autochthonous Kakheti. The project consultant is one of the most respected oenologists modern Armenia – Arman Manukyan.

The name of the farm comes from the ancient bridge nearby the ARPA river, the views from the highest point of the vineyards of the Old Bridge. Stone bridge, which is one of the main attractions of the region of Vayots Dzor built in the XIII century. Across the bridge he passed one of the caravan roads of the Great silk road. According to historians, this road could pass the legendary traveler Marco Polo.

Area of vineyards is small – just over 4 hectares. today, the farm produces just 10 million bottles of wine a year. All wines are kept for at least 18-24 months in barrels of oak and Karabakh are additional bottle aging of at least 6 months.

The main wine farm – aged Black Areni. Currently available on the market the harvest of 2012, with significant potential for further aging. In addition, a New exclusive wine company will present in Russia are rare even in Armenia the 2009 vintage from the company’s Old Bridge. For those interested in the development of wines from the main autochthonous varieties of Armenia will be interesting to conduct a comparative tasting of two vintages.

Today, wines from Old Bridge already present in the market in Moscow.

The guide “Wines of Armenia” was published in the Russian-English version

In the first author’s Guide wines of Armenia in English and Russian languages.

Earlier edition was presented under the same cover with a other author’s Guide Arthur Sarkisyan – “Russian wine”, but at the request of readers, it was decided to release a special limited edition in two languages.

The author of the Guide – the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia, head of the project of a «New Wine cCompany» (NWC), Arthur Sarkisyan. The book presents 15 of the most interesting projects of modern winemaking in Armenia, given the description of the main winemaking regions of the country, information on the most important indigenous grape varieties.

Over 100 wines were tested in the preliminary tastings, the author selected 50 of the best samples that received 82 points and above on a 100-point rating system by the OIV (International organization of vine and wine). All samples were evaluated twice. The first time the wine was tested for the selection in the households, also conducted a test tasting of samples bought at retail. About each of the wines presented information about manufacturing guidelines for feed and food combinations.

Wine received 86 points or more, the author gives its tasting descriptions. Most of the wines selected by Arthur Sarkisyan in the preparation Guide, included in the portfolio of «New Wine Company». Today, the NWC is the most complete representative of the modern winemaking in Armenia on the Russian market.

With the Guide “Wines of Armenia” met at the highest level

The winery ArmAs, the wines that in the nearest future will be presented in Moscow by “New Wine Company”, was visited by distinguished guests. ArmAs is one of the leading wineries of Armenia on the area of its own vineyards. In recent years was laid more than 100 hectares, much of which is endemic grape varieties.

For introduction with the modern project, in the region of Aragatsotn came the Prime Minister of Armenia Karen Karapetyan, who headed the Government in 2016, and Ignatius Arakelyan Minister of agriculture. Mr. Arakelyan is one of the famous and influential representatives of winemaking in Armenia. Before assuming the post of Minister in September 2016, he worked as Executive Director of Yerevan brandy factory. During the visit, the owner of the wine sector Armen Aslanyan and his daughter and director of  ArmAs Victoria Aslanyan gave to the guests, which determine the current state policy in the field of winemaking, the Arthur Sarkisyan’s Guide “Russian wines” and “Wines of Armenia”.
“Wines of Armenia” — the first and most complete guide of modern winemaking of the the country, released in 2016 in the Russian language. In the nearest future planning the English edition of the guide.
The head of the Armenian Cabinet of Ministers positively appraised the work of the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia on promotion of quality of Armenian wines to the important export market. In the nearest future a meeting of the Minister Ignatius Arakelyan and the author of the guide, chapters SSER Arthur Sarkisyan will discuss prospects for the development of the brand “Wines of Armenia” on the Russian market.



An Interview With Arthur Sarkisyan

Артур Саркисян: «Хочется помахать шашкой, защитить своих»

Kataro Wine at Armfashionday 2016 Autumn

On November 27 at 18.00 in the Golden Palace will be held “Armfashionday 2016 Autumn” – an annual fashion show with the participation of famous Armenian designers. One of the partners of the event will be the wine of Kataro from NWC, the supplier of the best Armenian wines in Russia.
“Armfashionday 2016 Autumn” is a significant platform for designers who have established themselves on the world’s catwalks, as well as a great opportunity for novice designers to make themselves known.

Triumph of the Phantom

Russian wine “Phantom 70/30” won the main award of the Tasting Contest “Winners’ Cup” (Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Russia) -2016, which was held within the framework of the VI winery summit in Abrau-Durso. The international jury under the chairmanship of the legendary critic Oz Clarke awarded the joint project “Winemakers Vedernikov” and the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia Artur Sarkisyan.

The degustation competition “Cup of the VCBR 2016” – the most authoritative contest for Russian winemaking – is organized by the “Union of Vine Growers and Winemakers of Russia” and is held annually. The competition was held in accordance with the rules of the International Organization of Grape and Wine (OIV). Gold, silver and bronze medals were able to receive only 30% of the highest scores of samples in five categories of wine production: white and red dry wines, liqueur wines, dry sparkling wines (champagne) according to the classical method of production, dry sparkling wines (champagne) Sharma or an acratophoric method. And only five of the best wines in each category were able to compete for the right to own the “VVER Cup 2016”.

The chairman of the tasting commission is the president of the Union of Vine Growers and Winemakers of Russia Leonid Popovich. The honorary chairman of the international jury was the legendary wine critic and writer from Great Britain Oz Clark. The tasting commission included experts from the Masters of Wine from the United Kingdom, the United States, France and Singapore.

The “Grand Prix” contest in the most prestigious category of red wines was awarded the “Phantom” wine of the 2012 harvest, in blend of which 70% of Krasnostop Zolotovsky and 30% of Cabernet Sauvignon, grown on its own roots in the oldest Russian terroir – the Vedernikov farm. The first documentary mention of this region and the high quality of local grapes and wine dates from 1756.

Zorah Voski

Kataro Rose

Wines of Armenia with Arthur Sarkisyan

The first tasting in the new wine room “Blanc de Blanc” is dedicated to the wines of Armenia, the countries with the most ancient traditions of winemaking. The moderator is Arthur Sarkisyan, the best sommelier of Russia, the author of the “Wine Guide of Russia”.
We will taste wines from unique ancient grape varieties: white – Voskehat, Garan dmak, Khatun, Kangun, Rkatsiteli, and also reds – Areni noir, Kakhet, HaAkhtanak, HndojiKhndoghni.

The tasting set is represented by the wines of the most promising wineries of Armenia – Karas, Voskeni, Van Ardi, Kataro, Hin Areni:

– Vancevan Voskeni 2014 white – Voskehat, Garan dmak, Khatun
– Karas Armavir 2014 white – Chardonnay, Kangun, Rkatsiteli
– Hin Areni Voskehat Vayots Dzor 2014 white – Voskehat
– Van Ardi Aragatsotn 2013 red – Areni, Kakhet, Haghtanak
– Vancevan Voskenei 2014 red – Areni, Khndoghni, Kakhet
– Kataro 2013 red – Khndoghni
– Karas Reserve Armavir 2012 red – Syrah, Petit Verdot, Montepulciano, Ancelotta
– Zora Karasi Areni Noir Rind-Yeghegnadzor 2013 red – Areni Noir

Tuesday, September 6 at 19:00 in the new wine room “Blanc de Blanc” on the street. Efremova, 10, building 1 (m. Sportivnaya)

The owners of 10-15% of the client cards of the wine room “Blanc de Blanc” are invited to the tasting.
Tasting is free of charge.
You need to pre-register by phone: + 7-495-7730403

The best wines of Armenia, included in the guide of Arthur Sarkisyan “Russian wines and wines of Armenia 2016”

The best wines of Armenia, included in the guide of Arthur Sarkisyan “Russian wines and wines of Armenia 2016”, Karas Reserve red 2012 (91 points), Zorah Yeraz red 2012 (90 points) … and many others. Details can be found in Simple Wine News.

Kataro Wine at WorldFood Moscow 2016

From 12 to 15th of September 2016 the next international exhibition WorldFood Moscow 2016 will be held
(Moscow, Central Exhibition Complex “Expocenter”, Krasnopresnenskaya emb., 14), one of the participants of which will be the Kataro winery.

Kataro is a family winery, whose style is determined by rare autochthonous indigneous grape varieties. On 6 hectares of own vineyards and in a small “boutique” winery Ernest Avetisyan and his family members experiment with the red variety  of KhndoghniHondoji, as well as several rare white varieties.

The exhibition will include:
Kataro red dry wine from Hondoji Khndoghnivariety (100%)

We invite you to be introduced with the wine from the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic in Pavilion 1, the “Armenia” stand “№A333

Official distributor in Russia LLCNWC

With the New Guide!

On 11 and 12th of July, the best winemakers of Armenia gathered at the Lotte Hotel Moscow for the presentation of the author’s guide Arthur Sarkisyan “Discovering the wine of Armenia”. The presentation program included a conference, tastings, unique master classes from the partners of the guide and winemakers. The event was attended by more than two thousand people, including wine merchants, sommeliers, restaurateurs and the press. In the plans for the future – an annual edition of the guide.

Presentation of the 1st annual guide “Wines of Armenia”

Premiere author of the Guide “Wines of Armenia” Artur Sargsyan will be held on July 11-12, 2016 at one of the most prestigious luxury venues in Europe, Lotte Hotel Moscow.
Thanks to a partnership with Lotte Hotel Moscow this year has made possible a two-day format of the presentation of the author’s wine Guide as a full-scale Forum of the Union of sommelier and experts of Russia with a series of master classes, a VIP area, wine tasting of specially invited guests and evening reception for winemakers.
Program Presentations:
11 Jul
11.00-12.00 arrival of guests,
12.00-13.00 Press conference
13.00-17.00 Grand salon 2016 presentation of the best wines of Russia and Armenia

12 Jul
12.00 -17.00 Grand salon 2016 wine tasting of Russia and Armenia
12.00-18.00 master classes from the partners of the guide and winemakers

NWC is a partner of the «Topical Style Awards 2016»

NWC, the exclusive distributor of the best Armenian wines and wines Karas, is a partner of the annual Star Award “Topical Style Awards 2016”. For the sixth time, the magazine MODA Topical, headed by the editor Oksana Fedorova, holds the most stylish in the magazine version of the award – “Topical Style Awards 2016”. On May 26, at the most fashionable venue of the Soho Rooms, awards will be awarded to the stars of Russian show business for achievements in the field of style, image and, design.

Kataro and Karas at the exhibition MITT 2016 “Travel and Tourism”

On March 25 the tasting of Armenian wines Karas and Kataro took place during the 23rd international exhibition “Travel and Tourism” MITT 2016 at the Expocenter, which was held by the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia Arthur Sarkisyan at the stand dedicated to the Republics of Armenia and NKR.

MITT is one of the largest tourist exhibitions in the world and annually gathers under its roof the largest players from Russia and other countries of the world. This year, one of the pavilions was assigned to the national stand of the Republics of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. As these tourist destinations are now very popular, the organizers of the exhibition wanted to introduce visitors not only to representatives of the tourism sector, but also to tell about cultural, historical and national characteristics.

To this end, the “New Wine Company” was invited along with Arthur Sarkisyan to conduct tasting of Karas and Kataro wines – two outstanding representatives of Armenian winemaking.

Karas vineyards are located on the fertile soil of the Ararat Valley, where the renowned winemaker Mariano Vignoni skillfully combines the pale European and local varieties of grapes. Thanks to this, a unique wine is born, recognized by connoisseurs around the world.

The uniqueness of Kataro wine is in the use of local indignous grapes. It is a small family winery, in which traditions and secrets of erecting wines and creating wines are transmitted from generation to generation.

Tasting Armenian wines Karas

On March 2, 3 and 4, the tastings of the Armenian wines Karas will be held at Gastronome N. 1 in GUM. They are presented in the Russian market by NWC, the exclusive distributor of the best Armenian wines. Visitors will be able to try Karas Red, Karas White and Karas Muscat.

NWC – partner of the ceremony of awarding the stars “Pair of the Year 2016”

NWC, the exclusive distributor of the best Armenian wines and wines Karas, is the partner of the ceremony of awarding the stars “Pair of the Year 2016”. For the seventh year MODA Topical magazine, headed by the editor Oksana Fedorova, has been holding the most tender, romantic and expected prize – “The Couple of the Year”. Nominees and winners of this award are the most beautiful and most sensual unions of pop, television, cinema and sports stars.