Van Ardi dry rose

Price: 990 ₽

Blend: Syrah 50%, Kakhet 50%

Mode of production: grape selection before processing. Saignee.Fermentation at low temperature.

Tasting notes: wine of light pink color with raspberry shades. Fruity notes of wild and garden strawberry and barberry dominate in the flavor. Full-bodied and buttery and delicate on the palate, with continuation of barberry, wild and garden strawberry touch. Long aftertaste with buttery and sweaty notes.

Gastronomy: combines with steamed fish, with cold appetizers and seafood salads, with fruits.

Wine Serving Temperature: 11°-13°С.

Awards: gold — Arthur Sarkisyan Wine Guide 2018

silver — Mundus Vini 2018

silver — Mundus Vini 2016

Color: Rose

Taste: Dry

Alc.: 12%

Bottle: 750ml

Brand: Van Ardi

Vintage: 2017,2018

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