Takri Dry Red

Price: 1 430 ₽

Blend: Sireni (Khndoghni) 100%

Mode of production: manual collection, manual selection of grapes, fermentation on the mash. NMB on the pulp.

Tasting notes: wine has dense, dark red color. Bright aromas, res berries are dominant, cornelian cherry, pomegranate with lively touch. The aroma is bright, saturated, the tones of red berries are felt, as well as the pomegranate. Medium-bodied on the palate, soft, balanced, with notes of ripe sour cherry, berry shades. Medium-long spicy aftertaste.

Gastronomy: combines with game, with hot hors d'oeuvres, with assorted meat and cold meat appetizers, with grilled or barbequed meat.

Wine Serving Temperature: 13°-15°С.

Color: Red

Taste: Dry

Alc.: 13,1%

Bottle: 750ml

Brand: Takri

Vintage: 2015

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