Enjoy Armenia at VDNKh with Kataro wines

In the pavilion “Armenia” at VDNKh was held  an event dedicated to the culture, traditions and feast of this ancient country. The partner of the event was the “New Wine Company” with the Kataro brand, presenting the wine of the Artsakh region to the guests of the event.

At the event with the poetic title “Armenia is my seventh sense” it was possible to taste the national drinks, to become a participant in the master class for cooking Armenian dishes and desserts. Espessaly for this event 450 kg of national products were delivered from Armenia. The best accompaniment for Armenian cuisine was the wine Kataro from the  indigenous varieties of grapes of Armenia and Artsakh. Of particular interest was the red wine from the endemic variety of Khndoghni from Artsakh, which Domaine Avetissyan is successfully working with.

The guests of the event were able to receive the comments on Armenian winemaking and Kataro’s wine, from the Head of the Sommelier Union and experts of Russia, the head of the “New Wine Company” – Artur Sarkisyan.

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