Grape Brandy (O-de-vie)

Raw material: Grapes 100%

Mode of production: Wine materials are used from the Voskehat and Areni grape varieties grown in their own garden in Vernashen. In fact, this is O-de-vie. Distillation uses alambic and double distillation with separation of heads, tails and heart. Water for mixing, used softened, purified from its own spring in Vayots Dzor. After mixing with water, brandy rests for several weeks.

Tasting notes: Color is transparent. Possesses a balanced mild flavor with hints of fresh grapes, flowering vine and ripe fruit. The aftertaste is long.

Gastronomy: Aperitif, Digest.

Wine Serving Temperature: 16 ° -18 ° С

Alc.: 47%

Bottle: 500ml

Brand: Getnatoun

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