About company

A family winery with one of the longest stories in modern winemaking in Armenia, in 1999, was transformed into the Getnatun winery that exists today.

The farm is located in the valley of the river Arpa, in the region of Vayots Dzor, famous for its millennial traditions of winemaking and beautiful orchards. The microclimate of the plain, located at an altitude of 1450-1500 meters above sea level, spring water, fresh mountain air, a large number of sunny days a year and peculiar soil, make this product truly unique. The production of Getnatun Brandy and the rest is headed by Agasi Baghdasaryan.


Used only ripe fruits grown in Vernashen’s own garden (Vayots Dzor). Copper alambics are used for distillation and for each species (apricot, prunes, apple and grapes) a separate alambic is provided. Distillates are aged in Artsakh oak barrels, except for apricot and grapes, grape distillate in barrels is not aged. Apricot brandy aged in barrels made of apricot wood. This explains such a saturated and 100% natural color of the product. The production does not use any dyes or flavors. The color and taste of the drinks is purely natural.

Vaiots Dzor